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Drum Lessons Are a Great Way to Improve and Learn New Techniques When Playing the Drums

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Are you ready to take drum lessons to improve and learn new techniques when playing on the drum set? Before you begin your journey, there are some variables to take into consideration. Will you be hiring a drum teacher or self-teaching? What are you wanting to improve and learn? How long will the lesson be? What is the cost per lesson? Where will the lessons be held? Is there a drum kit available? These are just a few points to keep in mind. Let's investigate a little more.

Hiring a drum teacher or self-teaching

If you are hiring a teacher, take the time to make sure it will be a match to what you would like to receive from your lessons. Ask questions in regards to how and what methods they use to teach, their fee, and where the lessons are to be held. You can find drum teachers at your local music store or do a search online. Another option is finding drum teachers that offer their services online.

Maybe you are considering self-teaching. You can find many helpful tools such as drum books and videos to aid in the instruction. These materials can be found at local music stores and online. Choose to set your own schedule and pace to do lessons. You are in control of how it will work for you. Do keep in mind that regardless of whether you choose a drum teacher or self-teach, discipline is a key factor in the learning process. Also note that this factor alone is what will determine if self-teaching would be the best approach.

How long should the lessons be?

As you inquire about the different instructors and what they offer, you will find that typically, the time frame for lessons last from 30-45 minutes per session. Most instructors will have their own lesson plans covering the basics, techniques, learning advanced beats, and different styles of music. You may find others that will focus specifically on what you would like to learn. Whatever the approach, much will be covered within the time frame mentioned above.

If you are self-teaching, give yourself the same amount of time as would a drum instructor. Make up lesson plans for what you would like to learn at each session. The lesson plans will help you stay on track and you will be able to document your progress.

Drum kit, electronic drum kits, and drum pads

Drum teachers will either have you playing on a drum kit, drum pads, or both depending on the lesson. As far as the drum kit goes, it will most likely be an acoustic set if you travel to the instructor for lessons. Depending on your home setting and neighbors, you can use any setup to self-teach. Unless you have a sound proof room or a great distance away from your neighbors, drum pads or electronic drums are the way to go.

You can find drum pads that can be arranged to resemble a drum kit. They are very quiet and fairly inexpensive. Electronic drum kits are wonderful because simulated sounds of a drum kit can be heard. Better yet, you can wear headphones to hear the sounds, not making it audible to others. This set can be a bit pricey but you can find some great deals.

Explore the possibilities

Take the time to find out what will work best for you. Set a goal and strategy on what you would like from your lessons. There are a few variables and decisions to consider but when you have clarity of your vision, have fun learning and playing a great instrument.

Source by Thaddeus Johnson

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