Spider Capo why so creative & useful?

Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo)

Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider capo)

For making your’s guitar experience so easy & helpful they build this type of Spider Capo.

The main feature of this is it can easily mute or jammed your target string, as a result, you can play any bar chords like open chords. You can place it much time on guitar frets.

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This is an advanced item for a songwriter & music composer. Its use is unlimited.


1. Fits all guitar fingerboards.

2. Too much weightless.

3.  Can change the position anytime without the de-tuning guitar.

4.  Anyone can place their finger above or below the capo.

5.  Explore new tuning, keys, harmonies, and textures.

Why this capo is the best choice for you?

Spider Capo Guitarist Choice Capo.

Spider Capo is an innovative guitar nut.

This capo traps the ropes that you choose with the adjustable width.

It consists of 6 individual pieces that go up and down independently.

It allows that having the guitar in a normal tuning, you can go to an open tuning in seconds, instead of having to refine the whole guitar.


How to use

Actually, the use of a spider capo does not have much mystery, but some edges that must be taken into account. The ideal use is to attach the nut as close as possible to the fret in which we want to place it so that it is firm, but without causing any kind of buzz when attacking the strings.

In addition, excessive pressure can cause unwanted bending of the strings, generating biases. The strings in the air, on the other hand. They should sound natural as if the capo was not there (or as close as possible).

That is why they are more interesting to adjust the degree of pressure that exerts on the mast, which does not mean that a more basic model is not ideal in your configuration.

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Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo) Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo) Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo) Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo) Creative & Useful Guitar Capo (Spider-capo)


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