Cordoba C5-CE best classical guitar of 2018.

Cordoba C5-CE best classical guitar of 2018.

What is the best cheap classic guitar of 2018?

If you are looking for a Cordoba C5-CE guitar, it is important to bear in mind that the market for musical instruments has a large number of models.

So you will have to be careful during the selection process because they all have features specific that adapts to the needs of each buyer. Since, for example, a team is not the same for an amateur as for a professional.

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia

For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate some aspects such as the dimensions. The weight, the materials used in the manufacture. Even, the accessories that each of the manufacturers incorporates in the purchase package.

In this way, you can create your own comparison. So that you can take with you an instrument that offers both good acoustics and long life of use.

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Knowledge about Cordoba C5-CE

The raw material of the guitar is fundamental to obtain a good sound result. So you will have to emphasize the quality of the type of wood of the bracket and the acoustic cover.

The most commonly used woods in the industry come from trees such as fir, cedar, rosewood from India, rosewood, mahogany or maple. These are materials that manage to give robustness to the structure.

For an adequate reproduction of varied shades of treble and bass, maintainin Cordoba C5-CE Iberia g the warmth of the bass.

On the other hand. We have the issue of the strings, which include steel, nylon and those made by processing the casings of some animals. Synthetic being recommended due to its low cost, resistance and accessibility at the time of purchase.


Regarding the size of the structure. Cordoba C5-CE Iberia is vital that you are attentive and check the width and length measurements.

So that they adapt correctly to your anatomy since you should not forget that there are models designed for children and others larger for adults.

Finally, you will need to incorporate a padded storage case and if possible it is waterproof to provide more protection for Cordoba C5-CE. Below, we present the main attributes of a model of cheap classic guitars, previously recommended by buyers.

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia 

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia

Main advantage:

When you buy this guitar model, you will also be carrying with you a capo, a plectrum and the tether strap, three accessories that will be very useful in your practices and executions, as well as a transport case to keep the instrument in good condition.

Main disadvantage:

One of the buyers has indicated that the guitar loses its tuning very quickly. However, it ensures that its acoustics and design are exceptional, so the theme of tuning is solvable.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia is a classic guitar made of polished rosewood. Its structure is elegant, compact, light and resistant, so you can handle it comfortably. The strings are nylon and the brass plugs, thus offering a good level of tension and flexibility when touching them.



The Cordoba C5-CE Iberia model of classic guitars offers a total of four accessories that will surely be of great help to you. One of them is a capo, a piece designed to be placed on the mast of the instrument.

 In this way, you will press the strings and you will get changes in the tone without having to use the index finger.

In addition, the Cordoba C5-CE manufacturer incorporated a plectrum in the purchase package to play the strings with greater precision. Also, a restraint strap, so that you can balance the weight and acquire a correct position in each practice, also avoiding unexpected landslides.

Finally, you will find a cover made of waterproof fabric. With interior padding and even zippered pockets, so you can keep a notebook of scores and the aforementioned implements.

Cordoba C5-CE
Cordoba C5-CE


Cordoba C5-CE that has achieved great acceptance among buyers due to the good sound level of the soundboard. With an adequate tension of the plugs and a correct level of vibration of the strings.

All this is possible thanks to the fact that the instrument is made of a premium raw material, showing the implementation of rosewood.

This is a completely organic material extracted from a tree with the same name. Which has its origin in Brazil and in the Guinea-Ecuadorian forests? Which range from Liberia to Gabon.

Its use is present in the furniture industry and guitars since it offers lightness, resistance, and softness to the touch.

Also, highlights the use of brass for the pins and smooth nylon on the strings.

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Structure and design

It is a classical guitar directed to those people who are beginning in the execution of this type of instruments.

The equipment has been produced in China with a format of 100 x 44 x 12 centimeters and a weight of only 2.7 kilograms. This being a lightweight structure with dimensions designed for children from 11 years of age.

Cordoba C5-CE Iberia

Its exterior design is elegant, due to the harmony of its colors and the good finish of the wood. Thus combining a natural beige tone in the front area of the soundboard, with edges, arm, and mast in darkened brown.

In addition, its six white strings and silver pegs stand out.

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Want to see its performance?

Cordoba C5-CE
Cordoba C5-CE Iberia
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