Classical Guitar Stringing Is Not That Hard

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

Most beginners think that they can’t change strings by themselves, especially when it comes to classical guitar. Although it may seem to be hard, classical guitar stringing is a simple art that anyone can master. I will teach you step by step on how to re-string your classical guitar and give you some special tips that will make you look like a professional guitarist.

First thing First.

When to change your Classical Guitar Stringing?

Well, It depends. Somebody will change them weekly somebody will keep them for 6 months or even longer. If you love the crispy tone that will come with new strings I suggest you change them at least twice monthly. If you break one string (usually it’s the D 4th that will get broken easily)I suggest you change all the strings but if your budget is tight you can change individually.

How to UN-string your guitar.

  • First, you should turn your tuning pegs to loosen the strings.
  • Then loosen the knot at the bridge.
  • Then pull the string out of the bridge without scratching the body of the guitar.

How to String your Guitar.

    • It’s better to change one string at a time as a sudden change of tension will damage the guitar.
    • First, select the string you want to change.
    • Usually, strings are named and from top to bottom the sequence is.
    • E 6th A 5th D 4th G 3rd B 2nd E 1 st.


  • Bass strings are made of a silk thread core wound with gut and trebles are made of plain gut. If it’s a bass string select the hard end of the string and put in the correct hole of the bridge.
  • Take about two inches of string and curl it up over the Bridge base and tuck it under the string.
  • Insert this end under the string Under the loop you just created.
  • Curl it around again and tuck it under again.
  • This double loop ensures it will not come loose.
  • Put the strings onto the tuning pegs and make a loop before you tighten them.
  • Now tighten it until you reach the correct pitch.
  • New strings need some time to settle in a pitch especially nylon ones. So you will need to re-tune your guitar for a few days.


  • For treble strings use a triple loop.
  • For treble strings burn the end a little to avoid slipping.
  • Never use steel strings on a classical guitar. It will damage your guitar.

Source by Vinod Saranga