The ABC’s of Piano – Is My Child Ready for Lessons?

If your young child can identify the letters of the alphabet and numbers, knows how to count, and is beginning to read, they are ready for piano lessons. Below are 20 piano concepts and benefits children can gain in their first year of piano lessons. 1. Locating A, B, C, D, E, F, and G … Read more

Beginners Piano Lessons – Learning the Basics

Aspiring pianists or those who simply want to learn how to play the piano can benefit from beginner’s piano lessons. Before learning how to play the piano, one must first know how to read notes and musical compositions. This can be learned in the early phase of the lesson wherein the basics and fundamentals are … Read more

Piano Teaching Tips For Highly Motivated Music Teachers

Are you a music teacher who intends to improve himself and gain professional growth? Well, read on as this blog aims to cite and identify some relevant and effective piano teaching tips – applicable to all music teachers out there. Music education as well as learning various musical instruments have become more and more interesting, … Read more

The Many Benefits of Learning Piano Chord Theory

Chances are if you’ve ever taken piano lessons, you probably spent at least a little bit of time on piano chords. But learning the names of a few basic chords and actually understanding chord theory are two different things. And while it’s possible to learn to play the piano without learning chords, there are several … Read more

Getting Piano Lessons Online – What To Look For 2019

Do you ever just feel that you are constantly spending money. And that your household budget is mounting all the time? As my children have begun to get a little bit older some of the things they are looking to do just seem to be getting more expensive. For example, my eldest son is starting … Read more

How Piano Lessons Benefit Young Children?

Piano lessons provide a wide range of benefits to young children. Here are my “Top Five.” 1. Piano lessons help preserve and develop children’s natural creative abilities. The best analogy of how children learn through music. That I’ve found is from Donald Kroodsma’s book “The Singing Life of Birds.” Every songbird can be identified by … Read more

Piano Lessons for Homeschool Families

Piano lessons provide a great advantage for children schooled at home. Because parents are in charge of their children’s schedule and curriculum, homeschool students can set their own pace and spend more time on music than in public or private schools. In public schools, young children go to music class about once a week. Not … Read more

Beginner’s Piano Lessons – What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about starting piano lessons for the first time. You may be wondering what to expect in your lessons. The first few piano lessons, regardless if they are in a traditional private lesson. A group piano class, or even a method of self-study. Usually, focus on a few simple concepts and exercises … Read more


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