How to play guitar without a pick? By 4 Exercises

How to play guitar without a pick

Playing guitar with a pick is not mandatory. Even I don’t play guitar with a pick from the beginning. If you hate to play with a pick. So, this question might bother you some time. How to play guitar without a pick? Or HOW TO STRUM WITHOUT A PICK? The answer is just throw out … Read more

How To Tie A Guitar String Indifferent Ways 2019

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If you are a guitar player it’s natural to change a guitar string often. But how to tie a guitar string perfectly? Do some people say How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar also? So, next time you don’t anyone’s help to do that. The sound and tune everything depends on your string position. If you … Read more

Can You Really Learn Electric Guitar from An Online Guitar Courses 2020?


Online guitar courses are a trusted source for video guitar lessons. Where great teachers cover beginners, intermediate, and advanced topics. While an Electric guitar is a guitar. That uses pickups to change the string’s vibration into an electrical signal. When a guitarist plucks, taps or strums the vibration occurs. This guitar’s sound can be amplified … Read more

Can You Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp In 2019.

Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp

Amp is a burden for an electric guitar player. Without this, you can play the acoustic, ukulele. But I can’t play bass and electric guitar. Of course, sometimes it feels so disturbed that carry an extra thing. Without plugin amp, it will make some noise only. But why I am writing this if it can’t … Read more

Best Guitar Blog of 2019 Who Really Helps


What you are looking for in the best guitar blog? To gain knowledge, tips, suggestion. Reviews, tuning, methods these things. right! Sometimes, you need some inspiration to continue with your music. I little push can boost your performance. Some of the guitar blogs include interviews of iconic performers. They share their own experience & tips … Read more

7 Steps Buying guide for classical guitars

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Introduction: So, we are assuming you know everything about the structure, wood types, construction style, craftsmanship, and all that there is about classical guitars. But you still need a handy buying guide for classical guitars, because no matter what, even the strongest of cleaners miss the last few germs. Jokes aside, what should you know … Read more

C Standard Tuning On Your Guitar Update 2020


Now we are likely very low! This is just a quick manual about what steps to take to best to start this“do Tuning Guitar“ item or to put it differently. The way you can tune your guitar to some do Typical Tuning like c standard tuning. Talking about phrases, you can choose to take a … Read more

Essential Guitar Knowledge Before Learning A Guitar 2019

essential guitar knowledge

Standard Advice Each and Every Beginner Guitarist Needs to Understand Practicing the guitar is just one of earth’s most well-known tools. Its ageless allure comes out of its own flexibility and also its own amorous allure. In addition to its amazing electrical power in advanced audio. Mild enough to be readily mobile, it might be … Read more