Case for guitar in 2018

Case for guitar in 2018

A case for guitar – Shopping Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2018

A case for guitars is currently one of the most famous and most used instruments in the world. So much its fame that many brands fight to be crowned as the creators of the best guitars and even the best case for guitar.

The case for guitar is extremely important since the safety of the guitars and the protection they need to be mobilized with them depend on them and that is why you have to think very carefully when buying one. For example, the model Classic is a case that offers security with its lock with a key so that nobody but you can touch your things. Second, the cover, besides giving you a beautiful design, it will give you two strips for the back so you can take your guitar as if it were a backpack.

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Gig Bag 

case for guitar


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Ibanez Powerpad

case for guitar


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Deluxe Series

case for guitar


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Newspaper Style

case for guitar


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case for guitarcase for guitar

TMS Acoustic Guitar Hardshell

ABS is one of the most resistant case for guitar that exist for this type of products, so your guitar will be protected from almost all impacts, even if they are strong. In addition, the plush interior makes the rubbing of your guitar always against a smooth surface.

The guitars can be heavy instruments, therefore, the fact that this case weighs almost 5 kilograms can be an inconvenience, because, in addition to having to make a little more effort, you could get tired more quickly of taking your guitar.

Its interior padded with plush, resistant exterior and the lock that makes this case for guitar is ideal for those who want the greatest protection for their guitars.


case for guitar
case for guitar

Acoustic and Classical Guitars Gig Bag 

case for guitar, The padded shoulder straps will give you the comfort you need to carry your guitar on your back without problems. In addition to that, being adjustable will adapt to all people who want to use the case.

Although the stamping is one of its most outstanding features, the fact that it has a lot of white colors makes this case prone to getting dirty easily, which will cause you to have to clean it frequently.

For those who seek to protect their guitar from the basics for a good price and have comfort when transporting it, this could be the right option.

The compartments, in this case, make it look more like a backpack than a case for guitar. For that reason, one of its great advantages is to have a compartment for everything; so you can take the guitar and everything you need.

To be a case for guitar, it has a weight somewhat greater than a large number of similar models. Although it is not too heavy with its 1.28kg, it could be a notorious change for those who are accustomed to lighter covers.

Its versatility when wearing it, its modern blue color and its large compartments make this model, as well as a case for guitar, a complete product with protection against bumps, water, and dust.

What is the best case for guitar on the market?

For any music fan, your musical instrument is practically your baby. A guitarist must take care of his guitar as if it were the most delicate in this world so that it can last in good condition as long as possible. For this reason, choosing which case for guitar will protect yours can be a very difficult choice. To be able to be of help, this article will allow you to make a comparison between some models that could be suitable for your guitar and for you too.

Ibanez IAB541BE POWERPAD Acoustic Guitar Bag

case for guitar

The case for guitar is the place where the guitar will basically live, so it is necessary to ensure that it is a suitable product to protect it from any damage. One of the ways to ensure this is that the inner part is soft enough not to cause scratches to the structure of the instrument and also that it is made of a resistant material so that it is not damaged by the weight or the continuous rubbing.

Another aspect that takes great importance is the outside of the case for guitar and if it is a fabric model, the tissues of this. It does not matter what material the case is made, as long as this material is capable of receiving blows and preventing them from reaching the guitar. If it is made of cloth, it is necessary to verify the resistance of the fabrics to avoid that they give in due to the weight while you carry everything in the hand.

Although it is not a necessary feature, it is recommended that the case you decide to buy have enough space or an additional compartment so you can always carry with you those necessary accessories that will allow you to play the instrument in a better way, such as the spines, spare cords or Any other element that you consider necessary to help you play the guitar better.

Some cases have different designs that vary the way you can wear them and, depending on how you feel most comfortable, this should be important to you. Some cases are made to be carried as a briefcase and have a handle to transport it, while other models prefer to add strips to carry them as a backpack. You decide which model is best suited to you.

What are the best cases for classic guitar of 2018?

Recommended Products

Classical Guitars Gig Bag 

case for guitar

The interior of this case has been created so that your guitar is completely protected at all times. This case combines two materials to give you the best performance: expanded polystyrene foam and plush cover. EPS foam is characterized by having an adequate density to be used in packaging to protect products and the plush gives a smooth texture to the interior so that your guitar does not suffer from scratches by the roughness of the fabric.

It has dimensions of 114.5 x 19 x 47 centimeters, standard measures that serve to store almost all classic guitar models. Additionally, it gives you the possibility to keep your guitar under lock and key, because this product has a lock to always have your guitar protected from those who want to open your case for guitar and be curious about what you have there.

It is possible that, when carrying your guitar from one side to another, it is prone to falling or hitting things, therefore, it is necessary to have a case that cushions the blow under all circumstances. In this case, this model has an exterior made of ABS, a plastic resistant to high impact and also has a border made of aluminum that complements the design.


case for guitar

The print that has the case is the first feature that stands out from this model because unlike the unicoloured guitar covers, this has a print of newspapers that give a modern look. It comes with a piece of rubber on the inside to keep your guitar in place and is made of cotton padding to give protection.

One of the best elements of this product is its practicality and versatility when it comes to wearing it. This case has two handles in case you want to carry the guitar in your hands and if you want to carry it on your back, then you can also use the two padded straps to have your guitar as if it were a school backpack. This will offer you more comfort.

The case has a total length of 106 cm and a weight of 850 grams, so in addition to being able to carry all adult guitars that have standard measurements, its 850 grams will not add an excessive load to the weight of the guitar itself.

Gator Cases Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag

case for guitar

The case for guitar should not only protect the instrument from possible hits, but there are other things that can affect your guitar. This case, in addition to having a 12 mm foam padding to protect your instrument from shocks, will also be your best ally to protect the guitar from dust and water, as this model is resistant to both.

To carry everything in one place, this case for guitar has two front pockets where you can save sheet music, spare parts or your personal items, such as keys or your mobile phone. Additionally, it has a special compartment so you can carry all your cards in case you need to make a purchase on the road.

The design of this case has two padded straps on the back to make the backpack function and an ergonomic rubber handle on the sides so you can take it as you wish. Its blue color gives it a modern touch so that, in addition to feeling good, you look good when you carry this case for guitar with you.

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