Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails? Learn How 2019.

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You can play any kinds of a guitar with a bare hand. But the FAQ is Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails? The answer is Yes.

But the thing is not like that. You grew guitar and started to play like a boom.

Your hand nails will add positive value. You can replace a guitar pick.

After all, a nail is a part of your body. You can’t make enough pressure which will need to play a hard rock song.

In my point of view. Playing guitar with your fingernails is only saving money for the guitar pick. Nothing else. :

You can say Dolly Parton was playing guitar with nails. See everyone has their style.

Don’t go out from your comfort zone to follow others style. Right!

In this article, I will discuss the benefit and limitation of your question. Can you play the guitar if you have long fingernails?

How much long nail do you need?

Dolly Parton has long nails. But you are not perfect for this. Why?

Excellent question, why should you do that where guitar picks there for you.

See, when you hold a guitar pick and play. Then the exact outer range is. The perfect size of your long nail to play the guitar.

Advantages of Long Nails for Classical Guitar

I must say. I don’t like long nails to play the guitar.

But there is some advantage to having longer nails as well. It makes a different sound while playing classical guitar.

But can you play acoustic, Electric and Ukulele with your long nails?

Increase Volume:

While playing classical guitar with your long nails. It naturally produces more volume without extra effort.

By the way, by playing with your nails, there is a keen percentage of breakdown your guitar strings.

On guitar pick, you can’t feel the pressure. I think that’s the main benefit.

Sharp Sound:

By playing guitar with longer nails, you will get a sharp and noisy sound. Which can’t be found on Pick and short nails playing.

What to memorize before growing your nails for guitar?

Guitar playing with your long nails have some pros & cons.

It’s a fashion for a woman in this era. But growing nails have some physical issue.

If you are a professional musician, then longer nails will be beneficial for you.

Otherwise, in other word professions like Medical or Corporate job. This field doesn’t accept longer nails at all.

After all, it takes a long time to grow. And need some maintenance to develop it correctly.

Some other topic which will help you


Can You Play Guitar Without A Pick?

Sometimes a guitar player wants to make finger-picking. But playing with a pick & at the same time picking is not possible.

So, a question is on your mind. How do I play guitar without a pick?

Yes, I must say I enjoy while playing guitar without a pick. I can feel the strings also there vibration. I am strumming with fingers. So natural.

Guitar Pick is an alternative and refuses the bonding with you & your guitar.

Can You Play Guitar With Small Hands?

Image Credit: Jemsite

There are no such things of “your hand is too small for learning guitar.” Of course, there are some exceptions. But you are not. Aren’t you?

Here are some tips for small hand guitarist:

Buy a guitar with a thin neck. Here is an example. Reach your thumb finger behind the fretboard.

And make touch with your Index finger from the front of the fretboard.

It will free your hand and makes you learn the guitar quickly.


Here is the best guitar for short fingers.

Here is the details tips list.

How To Play Guitar With Fingers?

When you play guitar without a pick, that’s called Fingerstyle Guitar. To learn it, Travis Picking Style is the most popular one.

For the Intermediate Player, I suggest the Four-Step Pattern technique. Follow this link to know.

When you direct shift from a guitar picks to Finger. It feels wired at a glance.

So, Finger Picks will help you to get out from this. It goes directly on your finger and feels like Guitar Pick.

Try this one.

Does Jolene Dolly Parton Playing Guitar With Long Nails?

That’s not the question. The question is, how does Dolly Parton play guitar with her long fingernails?

I don’t call her a guitar heroine. She is okay but not excellent.

Most of the people don’t see her playing. Not me either. 🙂 😛

You hardly notice that she plays only the open chords. Like you and I can do that.

Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails
Image Credit: Inside Hook

I didn’t see her play the barre chords. If you see the reply in the comment.

Do You Need Long Fingers To Play Guitar?

When I faced any problem to play new guitar chords, it makes me think, do I need a long finger to play guitar.

I think it happens some of you guys also. Right!

It is true that if you compare short finger vs. long fingers. Long one gets the extra benefit.

Like You have to 6′ tall to play basketball.

But I think with a comfortable guitar neck, thumb position. Won’t make you difficult to learn and play guitar.

Can I use acrylic nails?

There is an opportunity to get certain. Perhaps not only are you going to get control of this form and state of one’s own nails.

Nevertheless, you will also guard your nails out of the usage. And also tear of actively playing that may happen in the event that you play with a good deal.

Do you need long nails to play fingerstyle?

A whole lot of folks like it. However, it is maybe not required. Learning finger-style is chiefly concerning procedure. But the long term can offer a particular sound plenty of individuals appear to really like.


It takes a lot of hard-working, passion, and technique. Then it will be possible to play professional level guitar with your long fingernails.

They have a fretting hand, fat finger, shorthand. People can overcome some limitation to play guitar.

But in long nails condition, it’s different.

But when you play guitar with a finger, those finger-style looks amazing than playing guitar with long nails.

I hope your doubt about Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails is gone.

Thank you. Happy Guitar Playing. 

My next article will be in these questions. So, stay tuned.


How to play guitar with a pick.

I am playing guitar with short fat fingers.

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