An Easy Way You Can You Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp

Play Electric Guitar Without an Amp

Amp is a burden for an electric guitar player. Without this, you can play the acoustic, ukulele. But I can’t play bass and electric guitar.

Of course, sometimes it feels so disturbed that carry an extra thing. Without plugin amp, it will make some noise only.

But why I am writing this if it can’t be played without an amp. Because an AMP is so inconvenient & expensive.

This thing takes so much space in your room. So, this is not practical. For traveling with only your guitar gig bag.

You know how much pain this thing is, Right!

So, how can you play an electric guitar without an amp?  Fortunately, you can do it only by having software on your mobile or laptop.

Before understanding this thing. Make sure you know all about your guitar.

How does an Electric Guitar Make Sound?

Do you know why we need an amplifier to play an electric guitar? At first, you have to know how an electric guitar works.

When you make a strum the guitar strings,(made of steel or nickel) vibrate back.

An electric guitar has build-in magnetic pickups. Which converts vibration into electrical signals. Which is known as electromagnetic induction?

The main problem is this sound is so poor to hear. That’s why we need an amplifier to loud it.

The main benefit of an acoustic guitar is it has a hole to amplify the sound. But an electric guitar doesn’t have this.

While playing an electric guitar without an amp you still can hear the sound but that is not much to hear everybody.

Here are some simple ways to follow.

A full setup for a brand new electric guitar with amp heads, pedalboard, cabinets & microphones can cost you up to 10000$.

So, now you can easily understand how much important to play an electric guitar without an amp. Especially, if you are a newbie or don’t want to record in a studio.

Here are 4 ways to play an electric guitar without an amp.

Connect your guitar with pc.

One of the best ways to practicing your electric guitar without an amp. It is to connect it with a laptop. From here you can use some simulator apps instead of using an actual amplifier.

Read how it actually works:

Audio Interface:

For this, at first, you need an audio interface. Which allows your electric guitar directly with the pc or mac.

I personally recommend this Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (2nd Gen) USB Audio It has build-in industry-leading preamps. So, the sound quality is so amazing.

electric guitar without an amp
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You are getting this amazing thing this is the best part. 

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW):

When you are ready after plugin your guitar with pc. You just need some software to play an electric guitar without an amp.

Digital Audio Workstation this is the software you need to operate.

Don’t worry to use this. If you are used to it. It will be your recording & editing software for music.

digital audio workstation software
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So, at a time you will be an expert in recording and editing. Without using an amp for your guitar.

So, you are saving a lot and make a profit also in some talent.

If you are using a Windows computer. I recommend you to use Cockos Reaper software.

Technically it needs 60$ to buy the full version. It will save a lot from buying an amplifier like $1500. 

Think about which will be more convenient for you.

Some other guitar accessories you will need.

Amp Simulator VST Plugin: 

Now the main magic happens on the amp simulator. This software can easily duplicate the actual sound like a real amplifier.

It can be your guitar rig from one piece of software. For this purpose, I personally recommend Bias FX software.

It’s an award-winning software. It’s the best for all the features we need to play the guitar.

Something you will get different effects pedals, reverb, delay, equalizers, and more. You can plug in your guitar to pc and record signals directly from pickups.

Follow the setup process to record your song

In one word. This is the best option for playing an electric guitar without an amp.

Connect the guitar to an android device or Tablet:

This is the easiest and fast way to play guitar without an amp. This is for only Android & iOS users.

There is no need for a high configuration mobile. But you should have a special audio interface. To connect your electric guitar with your smartphone.

This iRig HD 2 will be work for anyone perfectly.

play guitar without an amp
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After connecting this with your guitar. You just need a simulator app. If you are an iOS user. Download Bias FX Mobile.

From all the upper tips I especially recommend this one for all. You don’t need to pay much.

If you travel a lot also want to record the song. This process will definitely more convenient for you.

How To Use A Guitar Headphone Amplifier: Can You Play Electr

I know you must be asking. Why am I talk about an amplifier? Right!

If you want to play your electric guitar without disturbing others. Then this for you.

All you need just a headphone, connect with your this headphone amplifier. And play! Due to having a simple device.

You can go anywhere by putting it in your pocket.

For this, I recommend Vox amPlug 2.

Vox amPlug 2
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How To Use A Guitar Multi-Effects Processor:

This is the last and probably most costly tricks I want to talk about.

I add this product because it contains different amp models and effects pedals.

This thing contained everything. So, you don’t need to connect your computer. You can connect DAW for recording.

Boss ME-80
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A great deal you are the BOSS ME-80. At this price, you can have 9 different amp, 59 different amp models, and so on. Which will be so good at this price.

How to Amplify an Electric Guitar Without an Amp:

After discussing all the things on how to play electric guitar without an amp. Now, I will tell you how to amplify an electric guitar without an amp.

Playing Guitar With Headphones:

This is the way that will work for I mentioned previously. This method you need when you need to remain quiet.

Especially those like me living in a small apartment or silent area. Or, it will be useful at night when you want to play but everyone is sleeping.

Audio Technica ATH M50x
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Don’t face any issue to find one. There are massive rang of pair in the market.

But my personal recommendation is for Audio Technica ATH M50x. This is so cheap if you consider their performance.

Playing Guitar Through Studio Monitors:

Electric guitar playing without an amp just connects with studio monitors.

The very first benefit to play with this it doesn’t have any EQ.

So, you can feel the actual sound without any modification of the guitar’s sound.

PreSonus Eris
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To create a home studio music it’s your plan, then monitors are a necessity.

For newbie don’t spend too much money. To practice perfectly and for the convenience, PreSonus Eris will be your perfect choice.


This article is all about practicing electric guitar without an amp. But after reading it you gain some knowledge about your guitar.

Now, you can understand your guitar more easily than before.

If this article helps you. Share with your friends and family. Or pin it on your Pinterest wall.

Thank you.

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