7 Pro Tips Jimi hendrix  on Acoustic guitar buying guide

7 Pro Tips Jimi hendrix on Acoustic guitar buying guide

Acoustic guitar buying guides 2019

Without knowing Buying guide why should you buy an acoustic guitar for beginners?

Before knowing about the Acoustic guitar buying guide you should know why you should buy it.!!!!

Acoustic guitars may seem antiquated in an era dominated by electronic pop music, but they have been selling electric guitars more than since 2010.

Thanks in part to the success of pop stars with acoustic guitars such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran and the general lack of the current “heroes of the guitar” in the mold of Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen.

Want to learn how to write a song?

For someone who wants to accompany him at the time of singing. who wants to write songs. The acoustic guitar is probably the easiest and most economical way to start.



All you need is the guitar. No amplifier, no cables, no computer and no technical knowledge and thanks to efficient manufacturing abroad. A decent acoustic guitar can be obtained for only a couple of hundred dollars.

How we choose acoustic guitars?


In planning this Acoustic guitar buying guide, we were very much influenced by a discussion I had with Billy Martinez, vice president of category management. Who is an acoustic division of Fender Musical Instruments?

Martinez told me that approximately 90 percent of people who start playing the acoustic guitar quit within a year or two.



This surprising and disappointing fact inspired two basic guidelines to decide which guitars to try.

(By the way, this discussion did not skew us towards Fender. Because the marks of all the guitars were obscured by the painter’s tape. So none of our panelists knew what guitars they were playing).

First of all, it is probably not wise to spend a lot of money on a first guitar. Why???? When there are so many possibilities that it ends up accumulating dust in a closet.

Second, we think that if someone feels uncomfortable with an instrument. It is less likely to stay with him, so we wanted to find a guitar that is comfortable to play.


Although there are no strict size standards for guitars. A guitar concert is typically about 1 inch narrower on the widest part of the guitar, and a ½ inch less forward to backward than the larger dreadnought-style guitars on which the Most people think when they think “acoustic guitar”.



It may not sound like a big difference, but it makes it much easier to put your arm around the guitar. Even for a 6-foot-1 type like me.

The only drawback of concert guitars is that they do not sound as big and complete as dreadnoughts.

Acoustic guitar buying guide

Acoustic guitar buying guide: However, many will consider the sound of a guitar the size of a concert better balanced and less boomy than that of a dreadnought.

Still, a couple of manufacturers I spoke with did not offer an affordable concert guitar, so they sent dreadnoughts.

They can be perfectly fine guitars. But we are looking for models that we can recommend to the widest possible range of players. Not just those with particular tastes.

We also exclude size trips and “lounge” guitars; can be more comfortable for some beginners, especially for children under 12. But we think that most beginners would want an instrument in which they can grow (literally or figuratively).

All the models we tested are acoustic steel strings, which are by far the most used in pop, country, rock and folk music.

Acoustic guitar buying guideClassical nylon (or Spanish) string guitars have more flexible strings that may be easier for the fingers but produce a softer sound that is not what most guitarists seek.

After playing about 40 models, and considering several more that I found online. I ended up with a list of possible contenders.

Then I contacted the guitar makers and asked them which model of less than 500$ in their line they would recommend for beginners.

I know you must be thinking why beginners guitar budget is 500$????

But when you find that your guitar doesn’t have all the features which you want to play after reaching an intermediate level. So don’t do regrade then, when you have some time to plan. 🙂

Buying guide I ended up with seven models, a selection that included well-established brands, as well as some upstart companies.

Taylor GS mini.


Breedlove passport traveler.

Fender FA-100.


Yamaha FG830.


Seagull s6.


Jasmine S34C NEX.


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