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How to play guitar without a pick?

Playing guitar with a pick is not mandatory. Even I don’t play guitar with a pick from the beginning. If you hate to play with a pick.

So, this question might bother you some time. How to play guitar without a pick? Or HOW TO STRUM WITHOUT A PICK?

If you are a guitar player it’s natural to change a guitar string often. But how to tie a guitar string perfectly? Do some people say How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar also?

So, next time you don’t anyone’s help to do that. The sound and tune everything depends on your string position. 

You can play any kind of guitar with a bare hand. But the FAQ is Can You Play Guitar With Long Nails? The answer is Yes.

But the thing is not like that. You grew guitar and started to play like a boom. Your hand nails will add positive value.