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Guess Who Invented The Keytar

Here’s a discovery I certainly wasn’t aware of: The inventor of the keytar is a musician by the name of Prince R. Nelson, aka; Prince, aka; the artist previously known as Prince!

That’s right. Not only is Prince an award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician he was also an inventor.

Prince designed the keytar for his keyboardist, Tommy Barbarella.

Originally dubbed the “Purpleaxxe”, the instruments design appears to have been inspired the glyph that served as Prince’s name for a good portion of the ’90s.

By creating a hybrid keyboard with the freedom to move around on stage as if playing a guitar, suddenly opens up new performance opportunities for keyboard players.

No longer bound to sitting on a piano/keyboard stool, the keytar offers a great way to shake things up on stage by allowing the keyboard player to rock & roll!

So, let’s look at how keytars have developed.

To get started, I picked three different cheap keytars as my recommendations for the best keytars for the beginner and advanced players also. Just pick one from my list.

But before we get started, let’s get you warmed up by listenng to the keytar playing Beat It, by Michael Jackson.

Okay, are you ready to see how the artist formerly known as Prince has created a legacy of keytar fans?

Lets get started!

Best Keytars Choice of Best Keyboardist.


Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 – Best Wireless Keytar.

This is the most popular keytar out in the market. As a midi controller, I have used this one for the last two years. This vortex 2 is the new version of Alesis vortex.

In this model, they mainly focused on durability. As the musicians can be sure that their musical instrument is on so safe on the stage and road as well.

I review this first because of its wireless range.

You can take this up to 400 feet from your connection and still get a perfect connection. I think it will be so perfect even in stage performance.

One important notice to look that they had added a wheel on the neck of it. And also the battery power is much longer than the previous version.

I have played more than 27 shows before changing the factory battery. And all the shows were about more than one hour.

Moreover, you can find an accelerometer that will bend the sound like a guitar bend. You can use it with any sound module, synth, and any MIDI software with its’ USB and MIDI jacks.


  1. More wireless range up to 400 feet.
  2. More battery life.
  3. Perfect durability.
  4. Has a wheel on its’ neck.
  5. It has an accelerometer.
  6. Includes guitar strap.
  7. 37 velocity-sensitive keys with the aftertouch feature.
  8. It can use a sound module and MIDI software with its’ USB and MIDI controller.

See the performance of Alesis Vortex Wireless 2.

See Latest Price On Amazon.

Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 USB/MIDI Keytar Controller + 4 AA Batteries & Charger + MIDI...
  • The Vortex Wireless 2 is a Midi Controller/Master keyboard only, there is no sound source. It works with a Computer + Audio interface to produce sound.
  • Command the Stage - 37 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch for compact size with complete melodic range-Get Creative - Eight RGB backlit velocity-sensitive trigger pads enable you to create beats or trigger clips and eight back-lit faders control volume
  • Express Yourself - Embedded MIDI-assignable tilt sensor performance control with on/off button and Thumb-controlled volume slider and reversible pitch-bend wheel
  • USB output connects to your computer for digital recording, while the XLR output connects with your sound system's conventional microphone input for use in live performance
  • This Photo4Less Top Value Kit Includes:Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 USB/MIDI Keytar Controller + 4 AA Batteries & Charger + MIDI & USB Cables + Strapeez

Roland Ax-Edge Best Kayter at a reasonable price.

This is the latest instrument from the Ronald itself. And head’s off for this best Roland‘s best keytar. I am impressed with its’ extra Bluetooth MIDI capacity features. This can last up to 4 hours on rechargeable batteries on a single charge.

The great thing I like most about this is its’ internal sound capacity. You can use this as an external sound also. I always had a doubt about this type of instrument that their inner sound will not so good. But this one totally surprised me by its’ sound quality.

The structure of this product is really quite nice to look at One extra thing I have to add that vortex has only 37 keys where Roland ax-edge has 49 keys. Think if you find a better choice within the same price why won’t you buy that. Right!

Don’t think to have many keys then the key size will be small. No, not at all. After using this model I really found the keys are big enough for my finger.


  1. 49 keys with having aftertouch.
  2. With a mic input it build-in vocoder
  3. It comes with 500 different preset sounds.
  4. Up to 79 different sound effects.
  5. The battery lasts up to four hours.
  6. Bluetooth MIDI controller for wireless use.
  7. 9 pounds in weight.
  8. Available in four different colors.

See the performance of Roland Ax-Edge.

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Roland, 49-Key Keytar (AX-Edge-B)
  • 49 full-sized keys with velocity and channel after touch
  • 79 types of part multi-effects and part EQ, 79 types of program multi-effects, chorus, reverb, master compressor, and master EQ
  • 320 programs and over 500 preset tones for guitarists
  • Up to 4 hours of battery-powered operation (rechargeable Ni-MH batteries only); can also be powered via AC adaptor
  • Available in black and white models with removable edge blade for custom look; one extra edge blade included to complement your AX-Edge model

Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard VKB-100.

When we use this Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard. It makes us so much excited. In 2017 this model was released on Japan only. You can see that for its’ amazing crazy features it goes worldwide like a boom. At first, I feel that a sharp voice of a person singing with me. But no it was the keyboard itself. It works like magic for a sharp voice person.

I find this one unique because of its’ a Vocaloid kind best keytar. After seeing its demand on the market. Yamaha started to build more and more of this. This is different for its sound quality and effects. You will find the different sounds from it. That’s why you can easily differentiate it from others.


  1. It has two ribbon controllers.
  2. It has 37 keynotes.
  3. It’s so lightweight and easy to play.
  4. You can find over 200 modeled programs are build-in.
  5. For external sound, you can find a MIDI output jack.
  6. The body has a beautiful color coating finish.

See the performance of Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard VKB-100.

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YAMAHA VOCALOID Keyboard VKB-100【Japan Domestic genuine products】
  • keyboard: Number of keys: 37 / Keyboard type: HQ (High Quality) MINI keyboard / Display: Character with backlight LCD / Connecting terminal: DC IN: 12 V / Headphone: 3.5mm stereo mini phone jack / LINE OUT: 6.3 mm monaural standard phone jack / AUX IN: 3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack / USB TO HOST: (MIDI / AUDIO: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit / stereo) / USB TO DEVICE / Amplifier output: 0.7 W × 1 / Speaker: 3.6 cm × 1
  • ※ Power supply: Power supply adapter: PA-150B (or Yamaha recommended equivalent) / Battery: AA alkaline battery or rechargeable NiMH battery × 6 ※ (Sold separately) / ※ Power consumption: 7 W (when PA-150B power adapter is used) / Battery life: about 7 hours (when using alkaline batteries) / Auto power off: YES / Body size: (W) 821 × (D) 121 × (H) 65 mm / Body weight: 1.5 kg
  • accessories: Power adapter / Japanese Instruction Manual
  • Japanese Product Site URL: https://jp.yamaha.com/products/music_production/synthesizers/vkb-100/index.html
  • Japanese Instruction Manual URL (PDF): https://jp.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/8/1136768/vkb100_ja_om_a0.pdf

Roland AX-Synth Best for Beginner.

Roland has more than 40 years of experimenting with a keytar. So, they are able to make more versatile things on it. Like this model. But you have to pay more for this product. That’s why we put this model far down on our list.

Provided that you so frequently show freak. Then you just need a lighter music instrument than Alesis Vortex. This is a classic Roland D-beam. So it drives the performer like crazy. That’s why I like this model.

The benefit is the display is situated on the right side of this model. That’s why you know which synth you are now playing.


  1. Build-in sound engine.
  2. D beam, knobs, modulation bar, Ribbon controller.
  3. So easy to see the synth monitor.
  4. For easy connection had MIDI USB.
  5. For visual control has a V-link button.

See the performance of Roland AX-Synth.

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Roland AX-Edge 49-Key Keytar Synthesizer White (AX-EDGE-W) includes Free Wireless...
  • 49 full-sized keys with velocity and channel after touch
  • 320 programs and over 500 preset tones for keytarists
  • Up to 4 hours of battery-powered operation can also be powered via AC adaptor
  • 79 types of part multi-effects and part EQ, 79 types of program multi-effects, chorus, reverb, master compressor, and master EQ
  • Available in black and white models with removable Edge Blade for custom look one extra Edge Blade included to complement your AX-Edge model.

Roland Lucina AX-09 – Vintage Keytar.

If you like the vintage item then I think you will like this one also. This item has not perfect sound like the other. Although this is an old item that’s why naturally. But if you have a budget then you can give it a try.

See the performance of Roland Lucina AX-09 – Vintage Keytar.

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Roland AX-EDGE Keytar Synthesizer with ST-AX2 Keytar Stand (White)
  • Roland AX-EDGE Keytar Synthesizer - White
  • Roland ST-AX2 Keytar Stand for the AX-Edge

Tips For Keytars Player:

How to play Standing Up:

Get comfortable playing status up. This seems like a no-brainer, however, a variety of keyboardists aren’t used to play standing up on the grounds that they commonly sit down. Practice your songs or whatever songs you are probably gambling standing up. Get inside the dependency of gambling the songs while shifting round.

Once you’re comfortable playing status up, you must contain moving around and getting a style. The whole factor of being a keytar participant is so that you have the capability to transport around and carry out the manner you want to. Simply playing this device and no longer taking gain of it’d be silly.

Get the right sound:

There are many various choices with this instrument and it’s vital that you just are taking advantage of your instrument absolutely. If you’ve got a MIDI controller keytar, then you’ve got far more choices and skills. you’ll essentially use and sound that you just might probably need.

Bass components continuously work nicely on this instrument simply because it reasonably resembles a stringed instrument. you furthermore might will cowl the foundation notes heaps easier than making an attempt to play stringed instrument chords.

Finding smart bass sounds is additionally easier than finding sounds that agree with guitars.

Famous Musicians Who Play The Keytar.

Herbie Hancock was one of the primary musicians to play this instrument professionally. to the present day, he still plays it live from time to time. Roland has been developing them for girl Gaga to play and she or he has been taking part in them for many years still.

The instrument that the girl Gaga has created noted is that the Roland Ax-synth. Another musician World Health Organization uses this instrument is Tyler Joseph from twenty-one pilots.

Another example is that the keytar match in Beantown. This character has been shredding and creating headlines all around the country. The bear usually uses a Roland Lucina and might be found everywhere youtube wiggling with bands.

My personal favorite player is Matt Bellamy of Muse. He will some unbelievably cool solos and improvisation support his keyboard. If you’re a musician World Health Organization desires to use the instrument as associate degree improvisational instrument, I extremely suggest looking at some live videos of Muse for Matt’s solos.

Buying Guide for Best Cheap Keytars.

Does It Have Internal Sounds?
Not all are getting to have internal sounds and a few of the latest best keytars are exclusively MIDI controllers. This suggests you’ll want a laptop or laptop computer to form sounds. The and to the present is that the musician will access any potential sound they’re going to need.

There is no limit to the sound you’ll be able to get out of your instrument if you employ it as a MIDI controller as there are numerous totally different VST programs with thousands of sounds.

The weight has dramatically modified over the years for the higher. They were originally an especially significant instrument as a result of the hardware weighed most. they’re usually getting to be beneath ten pounds currently and if you’re a musician UN agency needs to shred around on stage, seek for a lighter instrument.

The price will vary considerably counting on however new the keytar is. Newer ones aren’t crazy pricey. However, if you’re searching for a vintage instrument, you’re getting to pay plenty of extra money since a number of the models are out of print.

Pads, Mod-Wheels, Aftertouch, Pitch-Bend:
Some keytars escort pads that may be programmable as triggers for live performances. Pitch-bend is additionally a very cool feature because it permits you to bend the note by tilting the keyboard upwards.

Is Your Keytar A MIDI Controller As Well?
I love victimization the Vortex wireless a pair of as a result of I will trigger numerous crazy sounds for live shows thereon by using the pads.

Wired Or Wireless?
Most are wired, however with the technology of Bluetooth, some are wireless. Wireless keytars are literally terribly reliable because the Bluetooth technology has gotten higher over the years.

Is your instrument esthetically pleasing and will the planning of it alter you to hide most ground on stage? Some will look very cool and even have a design that’s sleek and works for the musician.

A cleansing hack that I learned as a traveling musician is to use applications or alcohol in terribly little amounts. This kills the odor from sweating on your instrument and it conjointly cleans the keys nicely.

The good issue concerning alcohol is it dries quickly, thus it won’t leave your keytar wet. The issue with this can be, to only place a tiny low quantity on a napkin so slowly rubs the required space to wash.

With the Alesis Vortex, the strap was the sole issue that wasn’t high-quality. I over up cacophonous through the strap within the 1st number of months. As a replacement, I purchased one for my keyboard and it had been cheap. You don’t want a crazy pricey strap since the newer models are usually very light-weight.

How Do Wireless Keytars Transmit MIDI Data?

The Alesis Vortex a pair of transmits MIDI knowledge through a USB wireless receiver that plugs into your laptop or portable computer permitting your keyboard to transmit MIDI data to the electronic device.

One issue I like to recommend is getting a couple of the dongles since they’re low-cost and simple to lose. The USB dongles do feel a touch on the cheaper facet, thus it additionally makes Pine Tree State feel more well-off.

Are They onerous To Program?
No, they’re really fairly straightforward to program and also the technology is advanced as way as MIDI goes. I actually just like the Vortex a pair of and also the Roland Ax-Edge due to their easy use.

Are Keytars onerous To Play?
Keytars don’t seem to be implausibly troublesome to play, particularly if you’ve got a background with piano. I picked it up rather quickly as I’ve competed for piano for therefore a few years. Personally, I feel it’s an excellent instrument to leap into.

The home-baked Keytar.
If you’re on the slick facet and not trying to pay plenty of cash, you’ll conceive to produce a DIY keytar. we have a tendency to found this post-attention-grabbing since you’ll virtually take a MIDI controller and place it on a chunk of wood basically. This won’t be the foremost esthetically pleasing, however, it will work.

What quite Case do you have to Use.
I recommend obtaining a case which will air the cheaper facet. I’m presently employing a keyboard case that’s a tough case, however, you don’t essentially would like a tough case. I actually have noticed that forty-nine key keyboard cases work best as cases for keytars.

A tip here is that these instruments work a small amount otherwise than traditional keyboards, therefore obtaining a case that comes with foam or simply getting some low-cost foam will very facilitate for cover.

I did a separate post on keytar cases that you simply will examine if you’ve got interested in reading concerning them.

How Are The Keytars hierarchical Compared To On alternative Websites?
I have competed for these keytars and that I presently play one in a very moving band. this is often a vicinity that I actually have been finding out and perfecting for several years currently.

The 80’S Keytars.
The keytar gets tied therefore closer to the ’80s and this turns off tons of musicians United Nations agency are trying to play this instrument. It’s tied therefore closer to the ’80s as a result of that’s once musicians started exploitation them collectively. once folks consider this instrument they’re for certain thinking of associate 80’s synth-pop or rock group.

I believe that this instrument can become an instrument that’s widespread once more simply because frees musicians up such a lot quite a traditional keyboard would.

The versatility in these instruments is additionally pretty impressive seeing however you’ll program samples or sounds to the management buttons. I feel within the next few years we’ll now not associate it with strictly the 80’s because it goes to form its impact on fashionable music once more.

With keyboards heading down the MIDI controller road, them going full MIDI is just getting to facilitate bring them to the forefront within the keyboard world.

Advantages and disadvantages.
The drawback is that the inner sounds intrinsically are generally not the most effective sounds. It conjointly accustomed be extraordinarily serious which was a fairly huge disadvantage.

The biggest advantage is that it permits you to maneuver around. Having quality for a live show is, therefore, necessary to swing on an excellent show for the fans. Another advantage of exploitation one is that newer instruments are principally MIDI controllers additionally.

This is often what’s getting to provide your keyboard unlimited sounds and utterly wipe out the actual fact that the inner sounds aren’t the best.

Using A portable computer.
Using a portable computer together with your instrument is straightforward. you merely take the electronic device that the wireless instrument comes with and you plug it into your USB port. you wish a one.1 USB port for this to figure. Your wireless keytar can keep the company with software packages that you simply at first transfer to your portable computer.

When employing a portable computer digest any MIDI keyboard, it’s good that your portable computer is employed specifically for that purpose, particularly if you’re doing the substantial moving. You don’t need to lavatory your portable computer down with something it doesn’t need for live music.

After I started moving I had used a portable computer that I had everything else on and once I reformatted it and wiped it clean, it ran such a lot higher.

Laptops that are full of their memory are far more common in having issues and blooming throughout your set.

How Common Are They In Music?
They aren’t very common these days. However, with electronic music being therefore relevant straight away, they’re getting down to become additional widespread. I feel the actual fact that Alesis created the wireless MIDI keytar, it’s getting to bring tons of musicians into this world. it’ll be fun to envision however widespread they’re in a very few years.

Is It a tough Transition To Play Keytar From Piano?
Not at all. I believed it absolutely was really tons easier than expected. If you’re snugly enjoying the piano. Then enjoying this instrument ought to come back naturally for you. it’d be a touch weird to induce accustomed standing, however, once you are doing it a couple of times it’ll feel natural.

Octave Buttons.
Having octave buttons on your instrument is crucial as a result of it permits you to quickly jump up or down an associate octave. If your keyboard has the choice to separate your keyboard, you’ll assign an exact sound to a certain octave for additional sounds. change patches are frustrating, therefore the octave buttons very are available in handy.

Is It doable to hide guitar On The Best Keytar?
Yes, it’s doable for components. you’ll notice some extraordinarily real-sounding bass plug-ins and tweak the sound to your feeling. enjoying bass sounds is additionally tons of fun. However, it’ll take time to induce snug with it. you’ll conjointly cowl sub drops or anything within the low-end.

If you’d prefer to examine the most effective guitar VST’s accessible, you’ll hear.

You can cowl the bass whereas at a constant time cover the leads by change octaves. The split feature is actually a cool feature on all MIDI keyboards normally for this reason.

How Do I purchase accustomed touring And enjoying The Keytar?
Easy, you follow. It doesn’t take terribly long to induce snug touring and enjoying at constant time. If you’re exploiting this instrument to play with a band simply confirm you follow those songs on that before you go and play a show. The longer you set in follow, the quicker you’ll get snug enjoying it.

Vintage VS fashionable.
Are the recent vintage keytars from the 1980’s higher than the newer keyboards? No, I don’t believe they’re. they’re higher within the sense of simply being vintage. Some musicians are all concerning older keyboards and also the same goes for this instrument.

Modern instruments just like the Alesis Vortex a pair of are used as MIDI controllers and access unlimited sounds. This alone makes today’s product to American state such a lot higher. a number of the sounds of the vintage one are terribly out-dated and simply don’t sound the best additionally.

My current favorites are the Vortex a pair of and also the Roland Ax-Edge.

The reason for this is often, they’re up so far with the newest trends in MIDI, in order that once you cotton on out of the box, it’ll already be able to correct to your pc and used as a MIDI controller.

Are you a keytar player? What’s your favorite product out currently? Let American state grasp within the comment section below!


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