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best cajon reviews

The story starts with confusion. Somewhere in the earth, a professional Cajon player mentions his Cajon a drum box.

Technically he is not wrong. That’s why I am writing this on their focus.

A Cajon is a classical musical instrument. People with modern gadgets almost forget about it. But fortunately, they have realized the importance of it.

In recent years Cajons have made a great comeback. Nowadays many people have been looking for the best Cajon.

Today I have listed some of the best Cajon reviews out of the market. Don’t worry these will fulfill your requirements.

Top Best Cajon Reviews.

Watch Despacito Performance On a Cajon.

Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon.

In one word this is a beast. Sound, Look, Performance this Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon. The other name is SUBCAJ Cajon.

This is a popular Cajon. And most people use it professionally. It’s building quality is so good. That’s why it produces perfect deep sound. And also have depth and width with stable sound.

This one is recommended for live performance. Especially when a player needs to make high volume and quality tone.


  1. It makes a lot of basses.
  2. The tone is soft and loud.
  3. Anti-slip pad, to sit on it comfortably.
  4. Perfect for taller people.
  5. It has a carry handle.


  1. A little bit heavy.

Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon with Internal Snares - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Walnut...
  • Our biggest and bassiest cajon — with a low end punch that you will feel as soon as you start playing, the Meinl Jumbo Subwoofer Cajon is mammoth in size and sound — the extra wide body with internal bass reflex allows for superb low note development
  • Forward-facing ports with internal bass reflex — an internal reflex channel directs sound waves and air out through forward-facing ports to create a bass note that feels like a perfectly tuned kick drum — the tone will completely surround you as you play
  • Internal fixed sets of snares — three sets of internal fixed snare wires are positioned against the playing surface to add the dimension of a crisp snare drum sound — get a cutting backbeat snare tone by playing near the top corners of the playing surface
  • Walnut playing surface and MDF body — the walnut playing surface is ultra-sensitive to soft finger rolls and packs a punch at a louder volume — the sturdy MDF body with thick rubber feet resonates fully, giving you maximum projection and superb tone
  • Use indoors or outside — this cajon is an outstanding percussion piece for settings like open mic nights, coffeehouse gigs, outdoor jam sessions or houses of worship — it may also be used with a microphone to fill large spaces with percussive sound

Sela Cajon Reviews:

This one is the revolutionary product for the Cajon market. It takes many years to make this product for this era. This is Made of Germany with the highest quality.

You don’t need many things to assemble this one. I want to make this one at the top of the list of best Cajon reviews. But for a little high price, it is now on 2nd position.


  1. Fast & Easily Assemble.
  2. High comfort.
  3. Sound production.
  4. Exchangeable playing surface.
  5. Rubber pad for anti-slip.


  1. Not much. All are ok at this price.


  • Body: 11 layers birch, 15mm.
  • Playing Surface: Poplar Veneer, 3mm.
  • Sela Snare System (Adjustable & Removable).
  • Solid bass tone.
  • Excellent snare crack.
  • Many additional tones are achievable.
  • Weight: 13lbs.
  • Footing: Nonslip rubber feet.

Sela SE 001 Snare Cajon Kit with Instructions and Audio CD, Standard
  • Unpack, build and play
  • Best workmanship, professional sound
  • Tools and expendable materials included
  • Cajon Method with CD
  • High quality parts "Made in Germany"

Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2inOne Black Edition Cajon.

This one is also a premium brand Cajon. It doesn’t have the padded seat. But otherwise sound quality, bass everything is ok for this drum box.

The building quality is so good. It made from Birchwood. This is not an ordinary wood. For this the sound quality is premium. The finishing of this also mentioned.

You can see the round finish corners.


  1. Extreme Playing level.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Solid construction.
  4. Fantastic sound.
  5. Flawless finishing.


  1. The snare can be louder.
  2. No seat pad. (Considerable for the price.)

Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2inOne Black Edition Cajon
  • Beachwood Front Plate
  • Body Constructed of 8 Ply's of Birch
  • 2inOne-Technique with 40 Snares
  • Snares inside the Cajon press against the playing surface at a precisely defined angle.
  • Snares can be removed from the 2inOne Cajon in one quick movement.

Latin Percussion Americana Groove Wire Cajon.

Basically, this is a Peruvian Cajon. It’s a wooden drum box with a beautiful tone. What else do you want from a Cajon? A well finished wooden quality at a low price. This is it. The main facility is.

It doesn’t need any setup. Just unbox and ready to play. It has a super easy setup for mic it up. And you are ready for stage performance. This is an ideal percussion box to start on.


  1. Great Cajon box for a beginner.
  2. It doesn’t need any setup. Just unbox and play.
  3. It is made from Baltic Birchwood.
  4. It has a beautiful tone.


  1. seems a bit expensive for some beginners. (But it last long).

LP Americana Groove Wire Cajon LP1427
  • H-18 1/2” W-11” D-10 1/4”
  • Hand-select Baltic Birch body and soundboard
  • Superior durability and resonance
  • Rounded corners for playing comfort
  • Made in the USA

Meinl CAJ3MB-M Cajon Box Drum.

It is truly a beautiful drum box and mind-blowing instrument. The main bonus part is. You will get it at a very reasonable price. Like other Menil Cajon drum box. It also comes with four steel strings.

These are really superb for making sizzle sound. When you hit the front side it will make a sizzling sound. This is really fun.

It produces an amazing sound. It also crisp & clear which makes it more convenient. Sometimes it can act like a real bass drum kit. When you hit a little harder it will make a sound like a real kick drum box.

If you don’t want to carry a full drum kit. Then this Menil  Caj3MB will be the best choice for you.


  1. It can make a terrific sound.
  2. Excellent bass with the snare.
  3. Can get great sound when mic up.
  4. Has a comfortable seat pad.


  1. Not much, a slight issue about quality. (For the low budget you can ignore this one).

Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Metal Strings for Adjustable Snare Effect – NOT...
  • CREATE BASS AND SNARE SOUNDS: The hardwood resonating body and Makah Burl frontplate respond with punchy bass and articulate snare notes. Perfect for drumset rhythms and equipped with a seating pad.
  • STEEL CAJON STRINGS: This is equipped with strings that allow you to achieve crisp and articulate snare notes with a sensitive response.
  • REAR SOUND PORT: A rear sound port is cut into the back of the resonating body to allow air to escape as you play it, creating maximum resonance. This is also an ideal spot for mic placement.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SETTING: Support any style of music in a live or studio setting with bass and snare drum sounds to simulate a drumset.
  • Four large rubber feet: attached to the underside of this cajon are rubber feet that keep the instrument stable; these feet also protect the cajon while dampening unwanted vibrations and preserving sound quality

Pyle PCJD18 String Cajon.

If you are looking for a handcrafted, artistic design and amazing build quality. Then this one is so perfect for you. Due to having some internal strings. The sound quality is really smooth.

It comes with a key to open the Cajon box and you can adjust the strings to tune your sound.

This Cajon is a high-quality build. And suitable for beginners who have never played such kinds of musical instruments. This one is perfect for studio and stage live performance.

In one word this Cajon box is the best for the money.


  1. High-quality smooth sound.
  2. Adjustable strings.
  3. Lightweight to carry out.
  4. Best for the money.


  1. If you notice. You can see the strings will rattle a bit.

Pyle String Cajon - Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size
  • PERFECT HANDCRAFT : Introducing Pyle string Jam Cajon, a perfect musical instrument that brings more life into your music An amazing hand crafted wooden panel box frame built in classic /traditional instrument style
  • ADJUSTABLE GUITAR STRINGS : Pyle string Jam Cajon is exquisitely engineered to allow musicians to totally express themselves, it features internal Adjustable guitar strings which provides a smooth rhythmic sound production for a better musical experience Strings can be tuned from the bottom of the cajon (hex key included inside)
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT : Comes in a compact size (LxWxH) : 12.0" x12.0" x18.0" and weighs only 10.9 pounds Very light and easy to carry about unlike other heavy and bulky brands of stringed Jam Cajon
  • ANTI-VIBRATION INTERFERENCE : Pyle wooden Cajon percussion box features a rubber- capped feet in order to prevent any possibility of vibration interference and encourage original crystal clear acoustic sound productio
  • BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND : Pyle cajon is backed by 1 year warranty We urge you to purchase with an absolute confidence that your satisfaction is guaranteed

 A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Classic Cajon.

At the very first, your eye will get pleased. Because of its color finishing quality. This Cajon is made from durable wood. I think this color is called sun blast.

It is really lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a carrying bag.  Due to having a Peruvian Cajon. It requires no setup and easy to play.


  1. Easy to play this one.
  2. A carrying bag is also included.
  3. No need for a setup.
  4. Great sound quality.


  1. A bit costly for the newbie. (Otherwise considerable).

A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Classic Cajon
  • The Peruvian Classic Cajón (Cajón Classico Estandar) is the most traditional Cajón Peruano with characteristically deep, defined bass and no snare wires.
  • Partially sealed tapa offers the round mellow tones that complement acoustic and traditional music.
  • The body of this cajon is made from select pieces of solid Mohena dried to a precise 8 percent moisture level and then joined with sturdy dovetail joints. It features a multi-ply Spanish Cedar playing surface and a resonant side made from a Lupuna plywood.
  • Crafted by hand in Peru.
  • Includes a free gig bag.

Meinl HCAJ1NT Cajon.

If you ever heard the brand name Menil. You will have an idea. How amazing the product they produce. So, you can expect this one is really a high-quality Cajon box.

This Percussion box offers wonderful bass notes. This Menil Hcaj1nt Cajon box offers a really cheap price. This one is the best at the cheapest price in the list. With having a good build quality it has a deep tone. It is quite durable for beginners.


  1. Adjustable Snares.
  2. Affordable for the newbie.
  3. Great for the price.


  1. It needs some adjustments.

Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares — MADE IN EUROPE — Baltic Birch Wood...
  • Create drum set grooves with bass and snare notes using your hands — the wood playing surface has two zones for bass and snare — play with your hands toward the center for deep bass or strike near the top corners with your fingers for crisp snare sounds
  • Perfect for acoustic shows and jam sessions — the birch jam cajon is the perfect grab-and-go percussion instrument for singers/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, accompanying guitarists and supporting acoustic bands in coffee house settings
  • Internal snares — dual sets of internal fixed snare wires are positioned against the inside of the playing surface to give you the same effect as a snare drum — these snare wires are held in place with a thin mesh strap that leaves the tone unaltered
  • Made in Europe (light brown finish) — constructed with 100% Baltic birch wood, a wood type commonly found in high end drum set construction for its superb natural acoustic qualities that give you plenty of definition with deep bass and cutting high tones
  • Compact size — measuring 10 1/4" wide x 15" tall x 10 1/4" deep, the jam cajon is compact for easy transport and straightforward use so that anyone can sit down and play this instrument—from adults to young musicians—regardless of skill level

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Buying Guide For The Best Cajon.

It’s not a new question for a newbie. What a Cajon box is? The answer is really simple. A Cajon is a drum box. That you can play while sitting on it.

Why you should buy a Cajon?

Types of Cajon Percussion Box.

Peruvian Cajon:

It is a myth that this type of Cajon box is the first version. Actually, this box generally used to ship crates. So, then people sit on it and pass the time while beating on it and do music.

It was first played in the mid-17th century by slave musicians.

Flamenco Cajon:

Flamenco guitar legend Paco DeLucia. While returning to Spain from Peru. He brought a regular Cajon box with him. But to add some new features he installed guitar string on the backside.

This type of Cajon is called Flamenco Cajon. Nowadays this type of Cajon is common in Spain and Latin American Music also.

Snare Cajon:

This is the most popular useable type of Cajon. Some think that is a rumor. From where the name of this has been invented.

Actually kick as used in popular music genres sounds like a snare. That’s why the name is. It is more convenient than Flamenco Cajon. The Flamenco wires have been replaced with guitar strings.

Cuban Cajon:

This Cuban Cajon is generally played like a conga drum. It doesn’t use snare wire. So the sound is quite open. You can see this type of Cajon on Afro-Cuban music.

Tips For Cajon Beginners.

The Cajon as a percussive instrument is on everybody‘s lips at the instant. You’ll just like the Cajon because it‘s easy to find out and features a great sound. Here are 5 tips which will assist you to urge into the Cajon world super easy:

#1 Try the Cajon!
Before starting into the new Cajon world there’s tons of questions. Tons of beginners ponder whether Cajon is that the right instrument for them.

It is sensible to undertake out a Cajon of friends or acquaintances and beat the drum. You’ll see even without skills you’ll drum easy beats. If you dont have that chance, visit a Sela retailer. To seek out a retailer nearby visit this map.

#2 Attend a workshop!
Especially suitable for beginners is that the participation of a Cajon workshop. Our Sela artists regularly offer courses, during which beginners can get to understand the Cajon.

Most significantly you’ll learn elementary techniques and receive valuable tips from knowledgeable percussion player. Particularly playing during a group is super fun and can offer you an honest understanding of the Cajon.

#3 Find the proper Cajon!
The most asked question as a beginner is basically: Which Cajon should I choose? the choice of various Cajons is large since Sela Cajons are suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Sela SE 037 CaSela Quick Assembly Kit
  • Fast and easy assembly - incl. Tools and consumables
  • Sela Thin Splash playing surface with Sapele high-quality veneer
  • Solid, rounded corners made from beech
  • Removable Sela Snare System and special Clap Corners
  • High quality parts "Made in Germany"

For the start we recommend 2 different models: The Sela Snare Kit, the Sela CaSela and therefore the Sela Varios Models. If you’re the DIY sort of person, you’ll enjoy the fast Assembly Kit.

Would you wish to vary your playing surface within the future, you’ll just like the CaSela playing surfaces. If you would like your Cajon to be an eye-catcher, you ought to inspect the Varios series with their popping the colours!

#4 Watch YouTube tutorials!
When you chose a Cajon, you’ll immediately start drumming. If you’d wish to improve your skills or learn new techniques, it is often helpful to observe YouTube tutorials.

Especially the Videos from Sela Cajon Artist Ross McCallum are really helpful. Not only elementary techniques of playing the Cajon are shown, but also tips to enhance your playing skills.

#5 Play With Friends!
Making music is that most fun once you are with friends! That’s why you and your friends should meet regularly for musical performance.

Choose a couple of tracks and practise them together. It helps to enhance your skills and you’ll help with one another and provides tips.

Wood For Making Cajons.

Generally, only four types of wood are used to make Cajons.


This is really good and high-density wood. Most companies use this to make their Cajon. It gives a balanced and deep sound.


It is quite similar to beech. But this one is high price wood. A brand like Latin Percussion Americana Groove Wire Cajon. use this kind of wood. Obviously their Cajon must be high priced. And without any doubt the best and pro-quality.

Mahagony wood:

This wood gives you low-end. With high bass tone. Also, you can get a high frequency.


An oakwood is most famous for its deep tone and volume. Go for these kinds of Cajon if you want a high volume and live performance Cajon.

What To Look Out For When Getting A Cajon.


Go for a specific brand’s product. Which is more convenient and trustworthy. Here is threesome: Meinl, Sela, and Schlagwerk.


This is the main fact for every authentic product. In a gadget like Cajon, you can check. It’s an edge of the corner. If these are well finished. Definitely that Cajon will sound great. This is the more challenging fact for this product.


All the Cajon are the same in nature. But it depends on you why you need this? These will revoke the features you will need or not.


From the upper discussion, our the best Cajon reviews are Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon. This one is only a lack of warmth of wood. But if you consider for performance, price and long-lasting.

Then this one is the best choice for all.

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