Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor GS Mini Review

Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor GS Mini Review

Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor Gs Mini Review

Name: Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor gs mini 

Body: Material: Ebony

Weight: 10 pounds.

Style: No Cutaway

Size: Width: 14.3″  Length: 17.6″

Right/Left hand: Right-handed

Strings: 6

Frets: 1-20

Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor gs mini
taylor gs mini

Back & Sides: Layered Sapele

Neck: Sapele

Top Wood: Tropical Mahogany

Pick up type: None

Color: Natural

Sound: Small in stature, big in sound

Type: Acoustic

Merit: 1. Easy to play.

2. Practicing.

3. Recording.

4. Excellent build quality and value for money.

Demerit: 1. Build in Acoustic type.

2. Left-Hand version is not available.

Performance: So good you can’t even imagine. You have to check it.

Rating: Average 4.6 out of 5.

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Best taylor gs mini
Taylor gs mini

Taylor GS Mini Review

Review Of Taylor GS Mini:

The Taylor gs mini is quite famous among guitarists. We sent text messages to the three most famous guitar players we know. They, all recommended Taylor’s acoustics on their lists.

They have enough key models in the category. We feel that this was the best post that is the highest ranked & majority of the users. This is one of the best acoustic guitar models. For its vibrant & warm tones, thanks to the use of quality wood and solid Taylor production.

The body of the gs mini is made of Lutz spruce and Indian rosewood – combined with the attractive bond made of Hawaii koa, Douglas fir rosette and aged designed pickguard.

It allows a rich and powerful sound in different music settings and playback options. The Taylor comes with a unique NT neck and electronic expression system located behind the saddle.

These combined elements give this guitar some very good and dynamic sound qualities. This guitar comes with Nickel Taylor tuners and coated brass strings and is an acoustic guitar with 20 frets (14 of them free) and 12 strings. This one is timeless.

Reason Why you should go for Taylor GS mini guitar.

Taylor is a guitar brand of American origin which has been operating since 1974. For the quality of this Taylor guitar, they have made themselves the most prestigious brand out there. The Taylor GS Mini is a new bet of the brand.

How the Taylor GS mini is built?

Taylor uses a completely atypical union system for this type of guitar. It’s NT system “New technology” is a bolt on or bolted system. This system joins the guitar from above. Usually, the fret 14, is a union longer but it avoids the glue uses, which is why replacing the arm becomes a so simple operation.

The guitar is a medium scale, comes equipped with 19 medium frets. Its body is thin and has a classic shape, something unconventional in this type of guitar.


The Taylor GS mini comes equipped with a strange combination of woods. The front cover comes in Koa, this is a wood of Hawaiian origin. Its tone can be considered as a midpoint between Mahogany and Maple. The sound that gives emphasizes the middle frequencies. Not colored neither the bass nor the high could be considered as a neutral guitar.

The side and back covers use gs mini but laminated. The arm comes in Sapele and the fingerboard in Ebony. This helps the guitar take a brighter sound. The lower bridge comes in Ebony.

Taylor gs miniTaylor gs mini


From top to bottom, the Taylor GS mini comes with Taylor pegs.  They are well built and I have not known the first guitar of this brand with problems in this area. The upper and lower bridges come in bone. This gives a darker sound than the plastic. They are durable pieces but they require to be replaced by an original piece when they wear out.

The frets come in steel, this guitar uses metal rope. For that reason, it is necessary to have something that guarantees durability. The lower bridge is a stop system. This bridge requires special tools to make a change of strings.


The Taylor GS mini build with a preamplifier designed and patented by the brand. Brings a double microphone that is mounted under the arm, right in the union with the body. This system uses a special preamplifier where its design only allows to see Knobs mounted on wood. Comes with control of high, low and volume.

The Taylor GS mini is an interesting bet of the brand. It is one of the guitars with the most personality. That I have had the opportunity to play, its sound is different and when it is amplified. It has a brilliant sound but with a definition. Definitely an interesting guitar for guitarists looking for a different sound.

Some Accessories you should buy with the guitar:

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Best Taylor gs mini

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The Original Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric Guitars.

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Some Guitar Picture:

Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor gs mini Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor gs mini Best Acoustic Guitar Taylor gs mini


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Taylor gs miniTaylor gs mini

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