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All about the C-1 Schecter Guitar Models: C-1 Standard, C-1 Custom and C-1 Custom FR

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The Schecter electric guitars have been ruling the world of hard rock music and heavy metal guitarists since the mid-70s. By using branded and latest components and providing high quality of body, neck and pickups, the Schecter guitars are preferred by all shred and top guitarists. It is always advancing by promoting innovation in their models. One of its classic and advance featured models is the C-1 Schecter series. This series is constructed by using Floyd rose whammy systems and sustain pickups that generate solid, smooth and rocking tones in a consistent manner.

C-1 Standard

Available with the 'dot' inlay, this C-1 standard Schecter guitar is constructed to provide utmost ease in handling and efficiency in using. The Grover tuners have enhanced gear ratio of 18: 1 which provides smoothest tuning. The 24 medium sized frets on the fingerboard prevent strayed tones from mixing into the smoother ones. It has a 3 piece maple neck which is non-reactive to the surroundings and atmospheric changes.

The best attribute of this standard model of the C-1 Schecter is its Duncan designed HB-102B and HB-101N pickups. The HB-12B is the bridge hum-bucking pickup which is Trem-bucker spaced. It is built using alnico-5 magnet wounded by 'hot-rodded' windings. Similarly, the HB-101N neck hum-bucking pickup is built in the same manner.

C-1 Custom

The C-1 Custom Schecter electric guitar is one of its kinds. It is available in four colors, namely, 3-tone sunburst, see-through black, black cherry and see-through blue. It has unique and efficient locking tuner w / pearl buttons which let you select a specific tune string, lock it using 'locking screw pin' and generate steady and high quality of the tune you want!

It has a finely made 'ebony' fingerboard which is a bit sharper than a maple fret board, but has better oily and strong toned surface. This trendy model of C-1 Schecter has the key feature of having an ability to produce frequent fast pickups in the start and lower them down the latter for providing longer sustained output.

If you want to enhance your traditional vintage tone volume, then you are at the right instrument. In addition to above characteristics, the C-1 Custom uses pickups of "Seymour Duncan Custom 'custom' SH-11 / '59 and SH-1N. The Seymour Duncan custom 'custom' bridge hum-bucker uses an alnico-2 magnet which is employed to generate stable high tones, more mid-tones and a softer low one.

On the other hand, the neck hum-bucker pickups are designed in vintage style. They are comprised of plain enamel wire and long-legged bottom plate. These neck pickups generate warm and clear tones with slightly bright distorted tones.

C-1 Custom FR

This outstanding model of C-1 Schecter is furnished with nearly features properties as that of C-1 custom. However, it differs in bridge and pickups assembly.

It is operated on Seymour Duncan Custom 'custom' TB-11 / '59 and SH-1N hum-bucking bridge and neck pickups, respectively. These pickups give smooth and squeal-free result with raised mid-ranged tones.

It uses finest Floyd rose 1000 Series Bridge for giving best results. The inlay of 'MOP split crown' sketches its outstanding internal and external attributes.

So, do not waste your time, mark you budget and buy this stylish C-1 Schecter electric guitar series.

Source by Amitav Borah

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