Magic happens when you put a group of passionate, talented people together doing what they all love. It is often said when you find your passion you are no longer working.

In fact, you would do it for free!

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Well, that is a good thing because everyone here at BestMusically.com is here for one reason, and one reason only – to share our passion for music with you. Its certainly not for the money!

We are here to share our experience, expertise, talents, and insightful product reviews. Our goal is to simply help you make the best choice when selecting your favorite musical instrument and offer tips and suggestion to expand your knowledge and enjoyment in music.

So may I introduce to you, the one and only BestMusically.com team. (My apologies to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for butchering that line)

About 1

Melissa started playing the guitar at an early age, thanks to her musical family. She quickly discovered a passion for acoustic and classical guitars and has become a valued contributor here at BestMusically.

With her stunning vocals and virtuosic guitar skills, Melissa is a rock star in the making!

Nate is a bassist extraordinaire. He started on acoustic guitar but quickly switched to the more powerful and versatile bass guitar.

This was a fortuitous decision, as Nate’s band now rocks the stage at local nightclubs. His thunderous bass lines keep the crowd dancing all night long.

About 2

About 3

Hilary is an electric guitar musician who has played in many local bands. She is also a contributing author for the BestMusically website, where she shares her electric guitar knowledge with other musicians.

Hilary loves to rock out and play her electric guitar, and she hopes to inspire others through her music.

Corey started playing the drums at an early age, and he fell in love with the sound of Charlie Watts and The Rolling Stones. He is a top-rated session drummer and is always open for gigs with rock bands.

Corey loves to play music, and he loves to see people enjoy themselves when they’re listening to his beats.

About 4

About 5

Gibbon has been playing the keyboard since he was a kid, and he’s never looked back. He discovered his passion for keyboard instruments early on and has never stopped exploring the possibilities they offer. Gibbon also enjoys sharing his keyboard insights as a contributing author at BestMusically.

When he’s not tickling the ivories, Gibbon can be found jamming with friends or just enjoying a good concert. He loves music of all kinds, but rock ‘n’ roll is where his heart is at.

We may not be a rock star Supergroup like the Traveling Wilburys, but we do share their love for music and the gift it brings to the world.

Thank you for joining us here today at BestMusically!