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We are a team of musical instruments lovers. We love to play with these.

Like string instruments, wooden instruments, or you can say electrical.

Who are in my team? I play Acoustic and Classical guitar. Sam plays an electric guitar. Watson plays Bass. Pretty plays the drum. And the Piano is played by gibbon. And in a week two new players will join our team.

All are in so good in their field. That’s why all the tips and tricks are written after their guidelines. 

One day while playing guitar with my friends. This idea was explored. One of my friends told me why don’t we make a site and share our experience.

After getting a great poll, we had decided to go on.

But what we will add on that site?

Great question! Indeed.

Before buying any kind of instrument. Especially for a newbie. It’s tough to decide which one will be so perfect for him/her.

Although reading an online article, it also a tough work to understand a physical musical instrument.

Before that, people have to remember our site name easily. It was my duty to find out one.

While doing this work at that time, “musically” word was so popular. Not only for this. “Music alley” means a lane full of music. 

That’s why I decided to put the site name

All my friends appreciate this decision after making them understand what I thought.


What will a visitor get from here?

I said earlier all the tips and tricks about musical instruments are written after experts’ guidelines.

While an excitement will work on all the newbie, literally, I have seen a lot of visitors to visit a music store.

Take a guitar to buy. But don’t know how to examine this. Some people feel shy and drop their thought of buying one at the music store.

Why not, if you take a guitar and make vibration on the string. It won’t make any tone or chords. Right!

Precisely, our first plan is to make you feel comfortable with your instruments. Then make you a perfect beginner to choose the right product for you.

Then making you chose the right one at a reasonable price.

I think that’s enough for one before starting with any instrument.

What can a newbie find here?

After making your first buy. It’s a general case on 1st week you spend a lot of time with your musical instrument.

But after some time, you lost interest in those. Because you thought you could learn this overnight.

That’s why we are here.

We share some kinds of tricks to learn your musical gear easier than at any time.

But don’t make a wrong thought. We don’t show you the shortcut. There is no shortcut.

Here, tips mean. We save your time and stop you from wasting time with your gadget.

Some tips headline I can share with you.

  1. How to tie a guitar string that won’t lost tune.
  2. Is bass easier than acoustic?
  3. How to play guitar with long nails?
  4. How to do c standard tuning.
  5. Newbie guitar accessories list.
  6. Which classical guitar is best for money?
  7. The best budget acoustic guitar pedals.
  8. You are choosing hand for acoustic vs. electric drums.
  9. How to spin a drumstick?
  10. How much time does it take to learn a guitar?

And so on.

Now you have a great idea that this site is full of lessons.

Ow yes, I also wrote an article on which online music site is right for learning online.

What an Intermediate Player get from here?

Friendly speaking, we all are intermediate players. So, we know what a newbie and medium level player searching for.

A medium-level player doesn’t need a guideline, but some knowledge can boost their playing experience.

We share our idea on social media and question forums also. You can join us there and put your comments there.

This is not our duty. We don’t work for any company. It’s just our passion for music.

But you can ask us why we add amazon associates. Not for any paid promotion.

We refer to the right musical products for you. Yeah, we do amazon associates for making our pocket money. That’s it.


What can I write for ending this topic? Music is the sea. There are a lot of unknown musical instruments like a UFO. We can’t even think of it. 

Who knows a Tabla makes from a goatskin? It can make a great history of the music industry.

A lot of instruments we don’t know the name. But after getting some knowledge about those, we do reviews for those also. Like recent article was about Best Kalimba for the money.

When I hear some classical songs played on kalimba, wow, it’s a piece of relaxation music ever.

While doing nothing and waiting for someone on someplace. You can play kalimba and revoke your strass.

We are welcome you to share your opinion and experience with us.

We can share your article with our audience and give you a writer courtesy.

By this, you will have a huge fan following as well.

Try us and our review list. We think you won’t regret it anymore — best of luck.