A Simple Method For Installing Pre-Wired Guitar Pickups

by | Dec, 2019 | Blog

Many of us ponder how to improve the tone of a less expensive electric guitar, or a kit guitar if you have decided to build your own. One of the best ways to achieve this is simply to fit a new pickup unit. It sounds intimidating and complex but in reality is actually quite straightforward if you choose a pre-wired pick ups. First you will need to select a new pick up assembly. When shopping for the best pre-wired pickup assembly, you'll want to consider quality within both the wiring and components being used.

Fitting new pickups only demands a small number of basic tools that many people will have around the house, a soldering iron and a little solder. This equipment will assist you to take out the old pickup system in addition to fitting a new one into your electric guitar.

First, you will need to take off the strings from the guitar so that they are not in the way and wont be damaged. You'll also want to remove the pick-guard on top of the guitar body. You should also remove the two screws that support the output jack plate. To ensure you don't lose any screws or parts of your pre-wired pickup, you will need some type of reservoir to place items until you require them, a bowl or cup will generally suffice.

You'll notice several electrical wires that will be securing the pick-guard assembly on to the guitar body. The initial one is the earth wire which will go out from the whammy bar to the casing ground. Trim this wire as close as you're able to your casing using diagonal cutters or pliers. The next set of wires you have to trim are placed under the output jack plate, this is why we suggested you undo the screws beforehand. Put the output jack plate to the side where you will not misplace it.

Next, take away the plastic hardware belonging to the older pick-guard assembly. Next use your wrench and loosen up and take off all of the control nuts on your new pickup assembly. Once you have completed this step use your screwdriver to undo all the screws that will secure the actual pickup selector switch. Be wary you put aside the nuts and anchoring screws where you won't lose them but keep them separate to the output jack plate screws to avoid confusion.

Undo each of the screws in which fasten the pickups upon the pick-guard plate and lift the pickup guard. Continue this course of action with the obsolete pickup system also. If you don't wish to make use of your older pick-guard, skip this step as you may have a complete pick up and scratch plate assembly.

The next step is to rewire the pre-wired pickup on to the body of the guitar. You should place down a sheet of fabric to guard the body of your guitar from scratches in the paint work. You will find three wires to join, the identical three which you trimmed previously. The wires to the output jack along with the wire out of your whammy bar for the ground casing. Solder the ground wire and fix the wires for the output jack.

The last step is to replace all of the screws and hardware and then re-string your guitar. Congratulations! You've correctly fixed the guitar kit with a pre-wired pick-up.

Source by Jamie G Stevens