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A Review of the Revival RG-26 Acoustic Guitar

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The RG-26 is an OM/OO size/style acoustic guitar built with an all solid Sitka spruce top and solid Honduran mahogany back and sides. This small bodied wonder really packs a punch as it excels at both finger style playing and flat picking. Upon first receiving this particular model guitar, I found myself inspired to play some finger style tunes and cover some new musical ground as well; however this guitar is certainly no slouch at flat picking tunes either!

This model has the spruce top compared to Revivals all mahogany RG-26M and the combination of these two different woods make the difference here between the two models. Spruce and mahogany continue to be a very popular choice in woods for any instrument, especially the guitar. I have always been a fan of D-18’s, and I do believe these woods compliment each other very well indeed! It is somewhat difficult to describe the difference between the RG-26 & the RG-26M however, as mentioned previously in my review the all mahogany version of this guitar, it sounds like mahogany because that is what it is made from and that is what you will hear, strings vibrating from all the mahogany top, back, sides and neck! The RG-26 however, is the sound of a combination of the two different woods, similar sound but different and the Sitka Spruce top is what makes the difference; remember most of the sound is generated from or by the top wood and you can hear the spruce compliment the tone of the mahogany, but the spruce wood it’s self shares a unique tone, which is why it is perhaps the most popular tone wood used for instrument tops! Over time as it ages spruce will improve and develop a more mature sound with increased overtone’s that are sure to please; this is the beauty of investing a little more money in an all solid wood instrument of any kind; they just continue to sound sweeter and sweeter as the days go by! Just like a skilled craftsman, the more a musician works with the wood the better it becomes!

In fact, the more I play this guitar the more I enjoy it and the more I seem to be able to pull from this guitar! This is a nice looking guitar too, with a fine slender figure and those comfortable thinner mahogany sides; contrasted with the creamy colored spruce top! This guitar is very appealing, sporting nice straight grain which is wider on the outside’s and tighter toward the mid section and a tasteful abalone inlay around the sound hole which adds just the right touch of class! So if you have been looking for an OM style guitar with this combination of woods then look no further, the Revival RG-26 model acoustic guitar scores a knock out punch and offers a considerable amount of bang for the bucks!

Source by Greg C Taylor

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