4 Types of Acoustic Guitars

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Just about everyone loves music. There is quite a variety of instruments that are used to produce fine music and one of the most popular, especially in the west, is the guitar. Guitars come in various forms and this article is going to deal with the types of acoustic guitars.

Jumbo Acoustic Guitar.

Firstly, we have a jumbo acoustic guitar. This type is made to have more bass than a standard guitar and is usually loud because it is designed to be so. When well-made this type is great but in some cases, the mid frequencies get outweighed by the bass. Keep a keen ear open when shopping for this type. You should do testing in different rooms of varied sizes before making a purchase.

Nylon String Guitar.

Another type that is fairly popular is the nylon string guitar or the classical guitar. This type uses nylon strings, as the name suggests, and has a wide neck and a fingerboard that is flat. The classical guitar best suits classical music and produces a unique great sound that really brings out the warmth of this instrument and type of music.

Dreadnaught Guitar.

The dreadnaught guitar is the type that usually crosses everyone’s mind when a guitar is mentioned. This type is also often referred to as the “western guitar,” though that should not be confused with a “steel-string guitar” which is often used for western or country music.

The dreadnought has a somewhat fuller body when compared to other guitars, which gives it a full and rich sound. If someone is an average player, this type is recommended for him/her as it is the best guitar to learn on.

Parlor Guitar.

The parlor guitar is another, albeit less popular, style of acoustic guitar. The name of this type dates back to when music was unrecorded, and so entertainment was just conducted live in the parlor of those who we privileged enough to have one.

It has a small body as compared with dreadnoughts and classical guitars. Their small size enables it to have more responsibility in its frequency. This means that all frequencies, for example, bass and treble, have the same volume.

Often, the neck of this guitar is wider when compared to that of a dreadnaught. This type is usually the type of most players that use finger-style methods since the neck is wide and accommodation for maneuvering around the strings and up and down the fretboard.

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