Teaching Kids To Play The Drums

[ad_1] It’s a noisy hobby, but one that can be very enjoyable and rewarding for a child. It’s a great way to encourage self-expression, creativity, and an appreciation of all music. It can be a big investment, or as simple as a set of sticks and a practice drum pad. If you are thinking about … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Guitar Strings

[ad_1] If you're only just starting out on the guitar, you may never have needed to buy new strings just yet let alone come across the term "gauge", so it's easy to be a little confused when you first hear the word. Basically, guitar string gauges are usually described by their thickness to a thousandth … Read more

Review of the Traumah Drum Library

[ad_1] For music producers today, it is essential that we use high quality drum sounds in beats and instrumentals. Many upcoming producers often buy drum sample kits with famous producer’s names on them. For example, a beat maker may want to create an instrumental to sound like producer Dr. Dre or Timbaland┬áso he/she will try … Read more

Acoustic Guitar Buying Tips For First-Timers

[ad_1] If you’re learning how to play an acoustic guitar, experts recommend that you to sign up for some formal lessons to gain mastery of this musical instrument. And to have an easier and faster time of being an expert in guitar playing, it would be advisable to have your own acoustic guitar. Buying an … Read more

Review of Boss DB-90 ‘Dr Beat’ Metronome

[ad_1] Metronome plays a vital role in developing rhythm when you learn to play music. Many beginner musicians slow down timing in order to learn the note accurately. However, playing the right note at the right time is crucial and control over your music can be achieved progressively with the use of a digital metronome. … Read more

Learn Guitar Quick – The Physics of Guitar Strings – Fretting

[ad_1] Introduction   We all know how to change notes on a guitar string. We place our fingers at specific and various places along the finger board known as “frets”. What fretting actually does is change the length of the string-no surprises here. But what are the mechanics behind using string length to change musical … Read more

Sex Coach Confession – The Simple Formula for Male All-Body Orgasms!

[ad_1] Human beings learn through repetition and learning to all-body orgasm is just another skill the human body can learn to experience regularly with practice. For instance, with practice and repetition the human body can learn to drive a car without any thought about changing gears, using the indicators to show which direction the car … Read more

5 Reasons Why You Must Play Your Acoustic Guitar In Open Tunings, And How Easy It Is!

[ad_1] To only play your guitar in standard tuning is to severely limit the sound and possibilities you can get from the instrument. However, many players tend to avoid tunings other than standard falsely believing it’s too hard. Gone are all the familiar shapes and patterns you spent so much time learning to visualise, leaving … Read more

Get Punchy Kick And Snare Sounds In Your Mix With These Few Tips

[ad_1] The bass drum and snare are the king and queen of the drum set in my opinion, and some of the most important and loudest parts of most songs. It is important to get the kick and snare sounding really punchy to get a good sounding overall mix. In this article I will be … Read more

How to Play Easy Songs on a Keyboard

[ad_1] Play these chords in the 2 octaves below Middle C in your piano. They are found in groups of two and three across the keyboard. Because of this as a substitute of a G chord we’ll use a chord with the basis a tritone interval from G, that is three complete steps. The “add” … Read more