Best Sela Cajon Drawers Reviews With Professional Percussion

Best Sela Cajon Drawers Reviews With Professional Percussion

Sela Cajon drawers also are known as percussion box is a high-quality drawer by Sela and are part of its wave range. The wave drawers are available in two impressive finishes. With or without a convenient snare on-off mechanism.
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 Drawer sound is very much sense for hand pressure. Which is ideal for even the most complex and technical playing styles. Ideal for everyday life, performing and performing percussionists and musicians. The Sela Cajon drawer wave combines pieces of the German manufacturer of high quality and manufacturing with a versatile and powerful sound.

Note: This wood has a natural product, real colors and structures may vary slightly.

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Sela wave drawers

The Sela Cajon drawers are manufactured with new composite material. Not only does the material increase strength and durability. It offers a rich bass with crisp. That respond to even the slightest hits.

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Percussion box drawers of the wave are equipped with non-slip rubber feet. And a non-slip surface that eliminates the need for a Cajon pad. A removable snare system gives you complete control over your sound snare. Allowing you to customize each snare sound individually to your preference. Built from German-made high-quality parts. The Sela Cajon Wave Drawers offer a comfortable and ergonomic experience in every performance or session.

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  • Specially coated birch body of 15 mm, 11 layers.
  • By hand, Sela splashes thin surfaces.
  • Interchangeable playing surface.
  • Solid, rounded angles of the best maple wood.
  • Detachable Sela snare system.
  • Adjustable sound snare.
  • Special corner sound clap.
  • High-quality pieces, “Made in Germany”.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet.

sela cajonsela cajon

sela cajon

Specifications of sela cajon

  • Wood thickness: 15 mm (11 layers).
  • Dimensions: approx. 47 x 30 x 30 cm.
  • Finish: Black Pearl.

Typical questions asked about products:
 –  Is the item durable?
 –  Is this item easy to use?
 –  What are the dimensions of this item?
11.8 x 11.8 x 18.5 Inches.
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The best covers for Sela Cajons

What better way to protect and transport the instrument than with a case for a flamenco box. Even if it is only to keep it, and that is important to take care of it and to last us a long time.

Flamenco cases are essential for its conservation. Since birch wood is a very soft wood, so any small blow is reflected forever, without forgetting the lid, which is the finest and most delicate part.


sela cajon


Sela Cajon Cover

Buy a case for Sela Cajon is the right choice. The high quality of its Nylon (very resistant to breakage) and its powerful zippers make it more than justify the price increase with respect to others in its category.

It has carrying straps and straps to turn it into a backpack, with a useful side pocket.

The protective foam of more than one centimeter of thickness is quite dense, ensuring the safety of the instrument.

The base is protected by a hard-plastic reinforcement to directly support the ground.

We can find it in black or red.


sela cajon

Where does the drawer come from?

The Cajon was invented in Peru and mentioned for the first time in writing in the mid-19th century. However, the origins go back two centuries. When the African slaves were not allowed to play the drums. And they had to find something that replaces yourself the first drawer could have been perfectly a box of fruit.

It was the legendary flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia who made it popular in the late 70s. From the 90s, and with the wave of “MTV Unplugged” its use extended to pop music. Nowadays the drawers usually have dimensions of 48 x 30 x 30 cm. With the exception of some models with upper-class wood, usually made of birch or beech plywood.


Why are there so many followers?

It is a practical instrument, easy to transport, does not take up space and can be learned easily. Once you have sat on it and learned the basic punches (on the top edge) and the bass (in the middle), you can play your first beat. Obviously, it is much more fun with a group of percussionists.


What are the most common models?

In addition to the usual drawers, it is possible to find other models equipped with strings or with a bell system. The drawer with bass strings usually has two or four guitar strings as an element to scratch the surface when hitting. This concept comes from Spain and is popular for its clear sensitive response and a rather dry sound. With the separation of bass and treble.

The drawers with removable snare drum allow a livelier game and the perfect simulation of drum grooves. Inside the basic versions, the drawers are equipped with a removable snap bar placed against the surface that we hit (inside the drawer).

The company Sela with its detachable have equipped the Casela Pro models, with adjustable and removable snare and in the Schlagwerk Super Agile drawers offer the best possibilities for regulation.

The third variant of less common drawers are the so-called Afro-Peruvian drawers. They do not come equipped with strings, nor border, and are particularly valued among flamenco artists.

Live Performance 

A lesson to learn Sela Cajon

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sela cajon
sela cajon
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