Memorize Songs Problem? Solve It Now.

Memorize Songs Problem? Solve It Now.

Tricks to memorize songs

Memorize songs or remember them is a very important skill that as musicians we must develop. From chords, solos, lyrics … there is a lot of information to retain and requires an effort.

8 Tips to remember:

# 1.

Remembering or memorize songs that we like and know is going to be much easier so the first step would be to listen to the song both actively and passively to internalize it and make it familiar to the ear.

# 2.

Identify the different parts of the verse, chorus, bridge and give them a letter. In order to recognize a structure in the subject (AABA). Having clear how the theme is organized the memorization process will be easier than if it were a long list of chords.

# 3.

In almost all songs there is usually some sequence of chords that is the most repeated. So that change must be secured as much as possible by searching for the fingering that best optimizes that movement. Adopting an open chord or changing it with a nut if necessary as long as that important sequence is very easy to remember.

# 4.

It is important to test the memo by moving away from the scores. Once we have most of the subject clear in our heads. It is possible that there are faults in some points and that some parts have to be reinforced. But if we are always with the score in front. We are not really making the effort to memorize songs and when we remove it we will be left blank.

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# 5.

Transcribing the theme is a very good way to memorize songs. If we are the ones who make the effort to listen carefully and identify the chords. Instead of simply going to some web of chords is going to be somewhat more expensive. But while we do it the mind is processing everything around an experience and. It is going to be fixed in a deeper and unconscious way.

# 6.

An original technique is to start the song by the end. Since most times we start logically by the beginning and it is the part that we play the most. Leaving the end always something insecure. Starting from the end and adding the previous parts little by little can help us not to leave the final parts little practiced.

# 7. 

Once we have the average song learned. We can practice the whole song without stopping when we make a mistake. Trying to keep up and get hooked in the best possible way after a failure. Once the subject is finished we stop to analyze the failures and work on them. To see what is happening at that point and how to strengthen it.

# 8. 

In the worst case, we can always write down some notes on paper and stick it to the guitar. From behind like a chop to keep an eye on it. Before we start a song that we know we have something lazy in memorization.

After completing this lesson you can shift to some professional tips to be better on guitar.

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