How to relieve guitar finger pain or joint pain when playing

How to relieve guitar finger pain or joint pain when playing

Relieve guitar finger pain by yourself

Those who want to learn guitar must have guitar finger pain. Ask anyone who has learned to play guitar and will tell you that learning to play was one of the best decisions of his life.

 Although it is a very rewarding experience, it is not surprising to see that many people who try to learn to play, give up quickly. It is quite difficult to learn to play any musical instrument but learning to play guitar really hurts.

If you feel discouraged by the pain in your fingers, do not worry, it’s natural. And do not give up, the pain will pass soon. Meanwhile, try these tips to relieve pain in your fingers.

Modify the sensitivity of the guitar


relieve guitar finger pain

Increase the sensitivity of the guitar:

The sensitivity of the guitar is the common reason for guitar finger pain. It gives by the space between the fingerboard and the strings.
The strings of a guitar with greater sensitivity are more above the fretboard than the strings of guitars with less sensitivity. You want a high sensitivity because at lower sensitivity more strength you will have to do to press the strings. Luckily, you can adjust the sensitivity of the guitar.
Take it to the instrument store in your area and ask the manager to check the sensitivity of the instrument. In general, the sensitivity of the string should be given by a distance of 0.15 cm (1/16 in) between the fretboard and the string on the first fret and 0.47 cm (3/16 in) on the fret. number twelve.
If the sensitivity is very high, you will discover that it is much easier to play once you have become accustomed.

Use the ropes properly

relieve guitar finger pain

Choose the right ropes:

The strings come in different sizes and diameters. It is much easier to play with light strings than with medium or heavy strings, in addition to causing less pain in the fingers.


relieve guitar finger pain

Press the rope only to where you should: 

Beginners have the habit of pressing the strings very hard. Relax your fingers and press just hard enough to make sure the rope firmly contacts the fret. To see if you are pressing the strings very hard, play a chord or string as you would normally, then release the pressure a little.
 If it still sounds good (or even better), you have to get out of the habit of pressing the strings hard. It also gives guitar fingers protection for you.


Strengthens the fingers


relieve guitar finger pain

Build the calluses gradually

After a few weeks of playing regularly, you will develop calluses on your fingers, which should end the pain. In fact, as long as you continue to play regularly, you will retain the calluses and you will never have to worry about the pain in your fingers again.
The key to building calluses is to play regularly, but without overdoing it. If you try to play several hours in a row in your first days, you could get blisters instead of calluses.
The tincture of benzoin (benzoin resin in alcohol) is excellent for preventing blisters and also protects the skin. The blisters or cuts make it almost impossible the work of touch and heal very slowly, so do not overdo.


Deal with the pain

relieve guitar finger pain


It numbs the pain:

Certain products can reduce pain so you can handle it more easily. One of the most popular is apple cider vinegar, which is also a popular home remedy for burns and sore throats.
Dip your fingers in the vinegar for 30 seconds before and after touching. Putting some ice on your fingers before and after touching can also help relieve pain.
Topical anesthetic products that contain benzocaine (for example, creams for [[cure a toothache | toothache], can also be applied before and after touching. Follow the instructions described on the label and discontinue its use for any allergic reaction.
The otherwise you can use homemade finger protectors for guitar. You can find it from Amazon.


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Perseveres/ sore guitar finger pain remedy: 

Every person who learns to play guitar has to deal with pain in the fingers at the beginning. It’s worth continuing.
Keep playing regularly, follow the tips described in this article and soon you will be able to overcome the pain stage. Learn to love pain and associate it with the things you love about music and the guitar.

Tips for guitar finger pain

  • It is much easier to build calluses with short nails. Long nails also make it difficult to produce good sound.


  • Be careful not to hurt your fingers. Even a small cut in certain locations can make it difficult or impossible to touch.


  • Although it may hurt, it forms calluses on all four fingers. Many beginners do not work the little finger because it is easier to play chords with the other three fingers. You have to calluses on all four fingers.


  • Some people say that dipping your fingers in alcohol (or in denatured alcohol) for several minutes several times a day helps build corns more quickly.


  • Practice with a capo on the first fret, that increases sensitivity and allows you to play more easily.


  • Some beginners put to wax, thimbles or similar products on their fingers to avoid pain. The problem with that is that you really do not want to avoid the pain. By doing so, you will never get calluses. There are products that serve to relieve pain and that do not affect your ability to touch too much. This type of products is a better option than super glue, etc.


  • Your fingers will hurt more during the first minutes when you start playing. As you touch, the pain will diminish quickly or disappear altogether. The next time you touch, the same thing will happen, but once you have good calluses you will not feel any pain.


  • Immersing your fingers in alcohol after touching can accelerate the formation of calluses. But do not do it before playing.


  • Lowering the half-tone guitar releases a bit of tension in the strings and makes it easier to touch your fingers.


  • Place Velcro patches on the back of the neck of the guitar. Using the velcro straps, wrap the frets over the guitar fretboard. Play in this way to reduce the pain, you will also find it much easier to form chords.


  • Some people recommend dipping the tips of your fingers in turpentine or strong glue to harden the skin. Do not do it!


  • The pain in the fingers can make you try to avoid certain areas of your fingers and this, in turn, modifies the position in which you touch. It is difficult to modify an incorrect angle of the wrist or the location of the hands and this type of habits can lead to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some product I should recommend you guitar finger pain protection.


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