Best Christmas Gift For Musician Taylor GS Mini

Best Christmas Gift For Musician Taylor GS Mini

Why Taylor GS Mini as a Chrismas Gift?

The Chrome tuners and nothing is special really there’s nothing to say but they felt fine to use and felt solid should prepare a brighter pounds in then it does also come in the model with sticker spares top. Hello, welcome guys today review about Taylor GS Mini review.
I picked this guitar, I knew this is something special.
It’s a good looking guitar but what about the most important things I like about this it’s the sound & playability.

Taylor gs mini

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This review will cover:

1. The GS many sounds.
2. The playability of the GS.
3. Who the Taylor GS Mini is most suitable for of course for the beginner I think.
4. Is Taylor GS Mini Bill for money?

This the sound section

This is the traveling guitar. so I can’t accept too much for this about the sound section.

So leave this expectation, I think the guitar tone was really amazing it has clean and full balanced sound.


Really size doesn’t matter in the size of a guitar the volume and resonance were so impressive.

Warm or bright?

This Taylor gs mini mahogany guitar is really I think definitely I warm sounding guitar.
I think you should prefer a Brighter sound Than it does also come in a model called Sitka Spruce top.
On the rating scale 1 to 10, the mahagony is about I think 4 to 4.5 out of 10. I think it’s because of the warm sound but when it goes to number 10 then it would be bright sound with a tiny and harsh effect.

Taylor gs mini

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Ok, let’s take a look what’s the main specification of Taylor GS Mini mahogany guitar.


This mahogany has a solid body that’s the main reason for the warm sound.

Back and sides:

Layered Sapele is used for the back and sides. To be honest about the comparison. Acoustic guitar within this price such as Yamaha, Gibson, definitely the tone is so nice and the layout for the back and sides not noticeable.


The Chrome tuners are nothing special really there’s nothing to say about it but they felt fine to use and feel solid.

Nut and saddle:

I think everybody misunderstood this part. Actually, this not and saddle are made from newborn. The other thing is everybody thinks that this is cheap plastic but actually this not. This is really special things for the Nut and saddle.

Taylor gs mini

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The best part is made from ebony. It not only makes a good looking but also an awesome material for the bridge part of a guitar. For being hard and dense it does a great job to transfer the sound from the strings into the soundboard with minimum loss of energy.


Sometimes the videos really do a great job to represent the sound of a guitar. Actually, these videos should give you some idea about the product.


Actually, there is nothing about this guitar which I don’t like. Certainly the playability of this guitar something that I very much like. I just felt nice to play with it I didn’t have to try and force anything because it was gone so smooth and easy.

Fretboard or fingerboard:

Like the bridge part, the fretboard is also made from ebony. I want to add something about the ebony, I really like it not only gifts good look and smooth feel it also helps how nice this guitar was to play.

The size:

Actually, the normal guitar scale size is 23.5″. For this guitar, it reduces the overall size and actually, I had to really focus to fit my fingers in.

Nut Width:

Mostly used nut width is 43 mm or 44 mm so in this guitar the size is 43 mm so this is the standard size.

Who is suitable for this guitar?

Those who like a great sound and nice to play guitar I must say this guitar model is most suited to anyone.

On the other hand, it is most suited to:

1. For a travel guitar.
2. For the small hands.
3. Anyone with a smaller body.
4. Suitable for the beginning guitar learner.
5. Who are in the invoice part.

Definitely, the upper list is not the restrictions. Actually, I am 6 feet tall with big hands but I am going to buy this guitar.
When you consider the style part I think the mahogany version is certainly more suitable.

You can choose from these three models:

1. GS Mini Spruce
2. GS Mini Mahogany
3. GS Mini Koa

Value for the money:

Of course seriously when I start playing this guitar I can’t imagine that I am now playing the guitar that only costs just over $500. Although having a mini guitar the sound of this product is so full and resonant.
Yes, I agree the bridge pins are plastic but they are really easily be replaced.
This is the best guitar that I have played at that price.

Overall reviews:

There is one thing I don’t like about the Mahogany version is the pickguard that which makes the guitar ugly but on the other hand, it looks so fantastic.
But the important matter is it plays so awesome.
You can consider this as your travel guitar. I bet you when you buy this guitar you do not play at home cause it’s so likely to play on traveling and your other guitars may feel a bit left out.
I have to conference one thing that when it comes to a guitar that’s I really prefer the Martins one over Taylor. It just a personal preference overall I like the warm tone which makes only can make the Martins guitar.
I hope you found these reviews helpful. If you want to compare these Taylor GS Mini guitar with the other and that similar price you can check out the list below.

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