Keep in mind before buying a Flamenco Cajon box

Keep in mind before buying a Flamenco Cajon box

Our guide to know before Buying Flamenco Cajon Box

The Flamenco Cajon is a very characteristic instrument. Due to its ease of being taken anywhere. Will soon become the main protagonist of any celebration. At the moment in which we put ourselves to evaluate different options. We realize the great variety of models that exist in the market.  The reason why to make the decision is more complex than it seems.

It is for this reason, that we have prepared a complete guide of factors that will come to you very well to choose the one that best suits you.




There are some models that have adjusted dimensions (like the first one that we are going to see). That, although they may seem like toys, can achieve a quite achieved sonority. However, if you already have certain dexterity with the instrument, it may not be the best option for you.

This point is very important for Flamenco Cajon box

The photos can deceive us. Before making the purchase. It is more than advisable that we do with a meter in hand and measure exactly the dimensions of the instrument. That way we will not get an unpleasant surprise at the moment we receive it.

Quality of Flamenco Cajon box

In the same way that when buying any instrument. Quality should always be the maximum exponent. And is not only going to affect how it will sound but also in the aesthetic.

The favorite option is usually the choice of white birch lid drawer. Although there are many other materials also aesthetic and quality.

Keep in mind that we are talking about an instrument that will achieve the desired rhythm, precisely based on hits,. With this, we want to tell you that it is worth it to be resistant to avoid problems.

Tuning system

If we are going to devote ourselves to playing the flamenco Cajon at a professional level. It is more than advisable that we bet on one that has a “tuning system” (this can be simple or double, with two strings in parallel). The most basic models cannot be refined. That is, they will only sound the same way.


The brand will become a benchmark when choosing the instrument. Our recommendation is that you always bet on high-quality brands. Which will guarantee maximum permanence over time?  Also, in case you receive it and something is not as you would expect. You have some kind of problem with the passage of time, the brand will give you a solution.

Once you know the aspects that you have to take into account. We will show you our selection of drawers that we believe are the best today.

The best Flamenco Cajon box to take into consideration

If you have doubts that flamenco Cajon buys to begin with, you are in the right place. Here you can find reviews of the best brands, such as Drum or Menil. The main objective of this blog is to help you choose the box you need. For this we will analyze each instrument explaining its pros and cons, giving it a score of 10 and ending with a purchase guide.

Let’s analyze the best 10 drawers one by one.


Menil Percussion SCAJ1LB-NT Review

• Compact: Only measures 22 cm x 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm, so it is so compact that we can take it from one side to another without complications.

• Material and aesthetics: This flamenco box has been designed to withstand the passage of time, so it has been designed with quality materials. We can choose between many different styles of our choice.

• Rubber feet: Thanks to their rubber feet, we will minimize friction with the ground.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Compact
  •  Material and aesthetics
  •  Rubber feet


  •  It can be something small depending on what we look for

Qbano 7M44M Review

  1. • Aesthetics: We are presented with a lid with wood color, with a very remarkable aesthetic.
  2. • Regulation: It gives us the possibility to regulate the tension of the strings.
  3. • Portable: With its dimensions of 30 cm x 30 cm x 47 mm, we can take it anywhere without problems.
  4. • Ease of assembly: In addition, it is a very simple model to assemble, without complications.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Esthetic
  •  Regulation
  •  Laptop
  •  Ease of assembly


  •  It would not be bad if he came with a gift sleeve; at the moment you have to buy it separately.

Cajon Flamenco Rock + Funda Review

  1. • Compact: Measures 50 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, so it becomes a very manageable instrument that will not cost much to take it from one side to another.
  2. • Quality: This flamenco Cajon has been completely hand-designed by experts, so it will perfectly fulfill what we expect from it.
  3. • Case: Includes a backpack polyester type case with handles for easy transport.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Compact
  •  Quality
  •  Sheaths


  •  After analyzing many opinions, there is no catch that is worth mentioning.

Extreme Drawer Mod.Essence + Case Review

  1. • Artisan product: This drawer has been designed in an artisanal way, paying attention to the details, to achieve an aesthetic of the most special.
  2. • Compact: Its dimensions are 48 cm x 29 cm x 30 cm, making it a very handy instrument to take wherever you want.
  3. • Refund: The manufacturer offers us a refund within 30 days if we are not convinced of its use.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Craft product
  •  Compact
  •  Returns


  •  Its price is somewhat higher than other related models, but it is worth the purchase.

Meinl Percussion MYO-CAJ-OV Review

  1. • Simple assembly: Although it is true that it must be mounted, its assembly could not be easier. It comes with all the necessary parts, also with the corresponding tools.
  2. • Quality: It has been designed betting on quality wood, so it holds up very well the time and continuous use.
  3. • Adaptation: Measures 46 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, so it is designed to adapt to all types of users.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  • Easy assembly
  • Quality
  • Adaptations


  •  In some opinions, it is assured that the assembly costs a little more than what is indicated.

Cajon flamenco Extreme percussion Essence Review

• Manufacturing and shipping: This flamenco box is manufactured and shipped from Spain, which guarantees quality and minimum waiting time.

• Ready to use: Ready to unpack and use, without any assembly.

• Measurements: Its dimensions are exactly 48 cm x 29 cm x 30 cm, so it is considered a very handy instrument.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Manufacturing and shipping
  •  Ready to use
  •  Measurements



  • It is ideal for initiates, perhaps not so much for professionals.

Qbano 7M44N Review

  1. • Aesthetics: Unlike the rest of the list, it is presented in a very aesthetic black color, adapting perfectly to the aesthetic criteria of the market.
  2. • Regulation: The instrument gives us the possibility of regulating the tension of the strings, to achieve the desired loudness.
  3. • Size: Its exact dimensions are 30 cm x 30 cm x 47 cm.
  4. • Assembly: In addition, it is considered very easy to assemble.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Esthetic
  •  Regulation
  •  Size
  •  Mounting



  • It is not easy to find opinions about the product on which to base ourselves.

Schlagwerk X-One CP130 Styles Review

• Own style: For many drawers that you have seen, surely you have not come across one as aesthetic as this one.

• Material: How birch has been used as base material, with a resistance to the passage of time that speaks for itself.

• Dimensions: Its size is exactly 30 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm.

• Good sound: Thanks to the above characteristics, the instrument achieves a great sonority.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Own style
  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Good sounds


  • Its price of about € 100 is a little high.

Premiere Flamenco Cajon + Funda Review

• Good value for money: It has been designed with quality materials, but respecting the minimum price, so it is a more than a perfect option for those who want to start with it.

• Quality: The cover is phenolic plywood of 3.5mm, remaining unchanged over the years.

• Tuning: It has a tuning system in the lower part of the drawer.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Good value for money
  • Quality
  • Tuning


  • Although it is true that it has a case, it is not padded.

Schlagwerk CMH10 Review

• Dimensions: Its measurements are 15.2 cm x 5.1 cm x 5.1 with a 3/8 “thread for microphone clamp. It weighs only 168 grams, making it easy to carry from one side to the other.

• Aesthetics: It has been manufactured paying attention to the smallest detail, so its aesthetics and resistance are more than considerable.

• Cost: It has a very low cost, but without sacrificing quality.

flamenco cajonflamenco cajon


  •  Dimensions
  •  Esthetic
  •  Cost


  1. We have not found any important counter.

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