3 Guitar Tips I Wish I Was Taught (Beginners).

3 Guitar Tips I Wish I Was Taught (Beginners).

This Guitar Tips will help you to learn guitar easily

I want to go over in this lesson is the top three guitar tips. That I wish someone would have taught me when I was first learning guitar.

I’ve been playing it for about 15 years now. I didn’t play for a long time. There at first but I don’t know for about 15 years and these are the top three things I wish I would have been shown.

The first thing is the alternate way of playing the C chord if you read my other article.

You know I go here and just move these top two fingers down for C.

The reason being when I first started learning the guitar they taught me a G first. Then the E minor and the D in the C chord.

Why you need this Guitar Tips?

I had so much trouble going from say D to C or G to C. Because you can see you’re taking all your fingers off the guitar and having to do the clock the copy method.

Is there a minor decline and I really struggle with that. So any song that had a C chord in it I couldn’t play because of the difficulty.¬† Something like that so I wish someone would have shown me then.

Until you get more experience with a guitar in your ear better train and your hand-eye coordination down and your finger to brain calculated all that stuff.

It jesus√≠ so that’s the first thing the C chord played just by moving your chin jumping down has a little bit different sound.

But not that much the second thing is about strumming. I wish someone would have taught me the strumming is about time it’s not about what happens. It hasn’t matter if you mix up the strumming.

The key is it’s about timing. It’s about knowing whenever you get to the chord change be in a position with your strumming.

That you can switch so it’s, what I’m doing there is. If I was maybe teaching a lesson at first I would say down another switch. But it sounds to so sometimes you go there and nothing got up really fast to switch up.

This appalled me hammer-on and pull-off. There are so many things you can do to switch up your strumming that when you get into just you’re listening too much.

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Guitar Tips for the Beginner

You’re thinking too much is my hand up or down. I see up it gets too confusing it’s about timing. It’s keeping that internal beat in your head 1 2 3 4 1 2 and that is viable strumming everybody asking me all the time.

What’s the strumming pattern try to work on your tongue see all those had a station. Beat signature beats per chord it’s just the start was different in all those chords.

So the first thing is a C chord, the second thing is struggling is about timing, the third thing is the good old capo.

You’ve seen you do this in other lessons. But particularly you’re new to play or any kind of bar horn very tough. But play especially busts your praise and worship songs or different maybe.

Guitar Accessories You Should Need.

  1. Guitar Capo should use a beginner guitarist.
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2. Guitar Tuner that minimizes your effort.

guitar tipsguitar tips

Country songs you hear on the radio. You just pop that capo on there and point your swing. You go anywhere up and down that capo.

I’m playing the same for Gordon switch all the key just by using the capo.

And the same four chords C chord strumming styling use that cable to switch the keys my top three guitar tips.

That I wish someone would have taught me when I was first learning guitar.

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Guitar Tips
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