10 Guitar Learning Tips For Absolute Beginners to Learn Guitar

10 Guitar Learning Tips For Absolute Beginners to Learn Guitar

10 Guitar Learning Tips For Absolute Beginners

Playing any musical instrument, be it a piano or a guitar, requires a lot of patience and practice also some guitar learning tips. If you have the interest to be able to play just as good as famous guitarists, then there are a few basic rules that you should follow at all times. Most of us want to be very good at playing but aren’t at all enthusiastic about putting in the effort that that is required to perform as good. It is very important to know the basics and to follow the correct use of guitar learning tips from the very start, as good practice using the right methods will definitely pay off later onward.

As a beginner, you might be a bit of lost on how to master the basics and even on how to play the instrument right. A lot of us don’t even know the bare essentials when it comes to playing the guitar. Here is a list of 10 tips for absolute beginners who want to guitar learning tips.

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1. Always avoid the left-hand grip

As you start playing at first, you begin to notice calluses on your fingertips as well as some amount of pain. You might wonder why this happens, well, aren’t you pressing the fret-board a little too hard? Now your wrist hurts too, and everything seems like hard work.

But have you ever noticed that your hands hurt only because you are holding your guitar the wrong way? If you’re wondering what the accurate way is, the only way to get rid of this pain is to simply hook your thumb on to the top of the fretboard. As a result of this, you will soon start to use the flat pad of your fingers to hold down the strings on the fretboard instead of using the fingertips.

If your grip is too hard sometimes, then it won’t allow you to properly touch the fretboard strings with your fingertips. So simply guitar learning tip is let your thumb rest on the back of the guitar’s neck, and it won’t cause you to have muted strings. Although this will be quite difficult the beginning, eventually you will get used to it.

2. Choose a guitar that you feel comfortable with

There are a lot of guitars out in the market and all play differently from each other. Some might be easy for you to play with while some might be difficult. And although you might not think much about the beginning, the type of guitar you choose to practice with will eventually have a lot of influence on how you end up learning. If you have a naturally small frame, then it would be really hard for you to hold a huge guitar. So guitar learning tips get an instrument that is sized right according to your body proportions.

3.Learn to play both ways

Before you stop playing seriously you should always find the right position in which you are comfortable playing. However, for a start, learn to play both while sitting down and also when you are standing. You will say that these two ways are very different from each other, and eventually discover how you are more comfortable playing. Most beginners start with sitting down, but standing up is cool too, guitar learning tips are given that you are comfortable holding your guitar that way.

4.Learn to strum basic chords

When learning guitar, the chords are the most important thing that you should master before everything else. You can tune any music that you want since they’re basically a combination of different chords played in a sequence. Start off with some of the basic and easy ones such as the G, D, E chords and then later keep adding more, since you can play these in different orders.

5.Learn how to use the correct fingering

They are always certain fingers which you should place on certain strings in order to play specific chords and scales. Look into the website or videos to learn easier ways to play these chords. You might feel that the best way is to be able to play the chords but unless you know the easiest way ways as suggested by expert musicians, you’ll find yourself struggling when you try to play in a harmonious way.

6. Now how to strum the strings

Now that you know how to play chords and the correct way to use your fingers, one more thing that’s left is knowing how to strum. Beginners feel that strumming is very hard but it isn’t so. All you have to do is hit the strings with your pick, stroke the strings in either downward stroke or an upward stroke. However, try to be more focused on the combinations of up and down strokes in a tune that you want to play with this guitar learning tips.

7. Use only your wrist to strum

A lot of beginners tend to move their entire arms when playing the guitar whereas you should only be moving your wrist, and sometimes your forearm. After all, playing guitar shouldn’t take that much of an effort, and neither should you have any discomfort or pain after playing.

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8. Learn to use your pick correctly

Before you start, you should get a lot of them since they get often get lost, plus they’re cheap! You can try experimenting with a few types of picks, and then once you start getting better at playing you can choose a certain type of pick for more control. The correct way to use a pick is to hold it between your thumb and forefinger, leaving the pointed part sticking out.

9. Start to practice with a metronome

It might be particularly hard to play in time in the beginning. But once you get the chords right, you should actually practice playing in a way so you can get the rhythm right. You definitely do not want to hear awkward pauses while playing and in order to get a smooth flow of music, timing is very important. You can also invest in a metronome, or simply download a metronome app on your phone, and start playing in time.

10. Practice regularly

Once you learn all the basics on how to use a guitar, you should start practicing regularly. Set aside sometime every day, even if it is for 15 to 20 minutes, and practice. There is simply no magic potion when it comes to playing like a pro. The secret is the practice more to you get better.

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